Money Money More Money

Money Money More Money

Four small time crooks, turn towards kidnapping for some quick money. They kidnap a millionaire's daughter, and they demand money (1 crore). They are forced to barge into the home of a vegetarian family of 35. Their stay in the house gets extended when they learn than the hostage's father has gone abroad and they have to wait until he returns. The kidnappers are forced to take more hostages to keep their identity secret and prevent the kidnapping venture from failing. Eventually other people are stuck in the house, such as: pizza guy, a police constable, a guy who wants money from the goon, real estate guy What follows is a "mad-mad comedy of errors", along with a sales girl who is dragged into the fray when she arrives in the house in order to sell them shampoo.

Four friends Chakry, Abbas, Raghu, Gogi (JD, Mukul Dev, Brahmaji, Kavin Dev) are going through financial crisis and run out of jobs... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rahul N (es) wrote: Worst of Yash Chopra

Dana E (jp) wrote: Great movie, very touching x). Good lesson to it, and I'm glad I got around to watching it.

Elly P (au) wrote: 1/9/16This is a movie that has been on my to watch list for longer than I can remember. It sat and patiently waited in my Netflix list until it had its moment to shine. Elizabethtown was more than I ever could have imagined. I regret not taking the time to see it sooner.It takes a lot for me to completely fall in love with a movie. I am a picky filmmaker who jumps at the chance to criticize and change. And I can honestly say there isn't a single thing wrong with this movie. I realized long before it was even over that this would squeeze its way into the short list of my favorite movies of all time. With every second it got better and better.I can't even put my finger on why I loved it so much. It reminded me of when I was a teenager without a care in the world. It reminded me of my love of adventure. It reminded me of why I love spontaneity and people who light up a whole room without even trying. It reminded me to live.One of these days when you are feeling down or out of sorts or even just tired of the everyday routine, put on Elizabethtown. Don't you dare pick up your phone or get distracted. Just watch, really watch. Feel and experience this movie for all it has to offer. There isn't a single boring moment. It's something special.

Ciara T (fr) wrote: i don't know why but i like hilarys movies....

Mo B (us) wrote: Rating: 91%Men in Black II is more uneven and messy than the first one, but still retains the humor and action.

Anthony C (ca) wrote: Jess francos terrible Eyes Without a Face wannabe . Just eyes with out a face was a masterpiece of classic horror and this film is absoulute shit.incredlby boring and retarted the plotholes show how bad a director Jess Franco is and the acting is panfully bad. If your a franco fan(yes he actually has a legacy)you might like this other then that stay away

Private U (kr) wrote: I had thought this was going to be a suspenseful thriller but it turned into a supernatural hodge-podge of weak spirituality that left me completely befuddled. It did raise some interesting questions about the Catholic Church, God and religion in general but it gave no answers. It reminded me of the much better The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, that did give some answers and left viewers with a much more satisfying ending.

Tim S (kr) wrote: Bergman covers the all the bases.

Brian S (ag) wrote: A terrific example of how to mix black comedy with gory horror. The movie is well shot, well written, well acted and pretty funny. But it's not just a dumb ass comedy horror flick, it also has some sad and worm hearted moments to it. But in general, I found this movie to be very entertaining. Recommended !!

Ian M (br) wrote: Very cute... And the aliens are hilarious. As is the end.