Money Monster

Money Monster

Financial TV host Lee Gates and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor takes over their studio.

Lee Gates is a Wall Street guru who picks hot stocks as host of the television show "Money Monster." One day, he and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor takes over their studio. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William C (gb) wrote: Rating-6/10Hamlet 2 is a comedy from one of the people behind comedies such as Team America and South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut. Now it doesn't quite reach the heights that those two movies get to but nevertheless it doesn't fail to bring laughs and even just a little heart. Led by a strange casting choice, this small time kind of movie reminds me of a somewhat cult movie, that maybe in years to come or even already, is one.Now the strange casting choice is Steve Coogan who although is known for his comedy, just doesn't feel like a natural choice, but he does make his performance different. He really goes for the crazy, tries to hit the spot and kind of does, if only just scraping it. He makes the story fun, but the only things that hold this back from being any better is the writing, directing and even at times, Coogan. Now making a sequel to Hamlet in a comedy is a sure way to make it crude and hilarious, now although I didn't think this was hysterical, it has it's moments and is very crude. The writing can at times feel a little too lazy, it feels as if the writing team of Pam Brady and Andrew Fleming(also the director) fill in gaps with crude jokes where they can't think of anything good. Overall the movie plays a long nicely though and the directing is OK, to be fair the writing is too in most parts and I found the final scenes of the movie especially funny.A lot of credit has to go to the young cast who really give it a good go at playing teens who come together to make a play, now it may sound like a plot seen before and it is, but the emotion is pretty deep at times and certain actors know what there doing. I found the good mix of characters to play to this movies strengths, the supposed gang members mixed with the most drama loving students ever makes for good jokes and some good one two's at times.The movie is short, at 92 minutes this plays out nicely and doesn't overstep itself, that said it also can at times cram too much in and not explain but I'll overlook that in favour of the comedy. The little things are what makes this movie just about kind of OK(and I mean that, this is nearing just being average). The score is one thing that makes this good to watch, it isn't ever present but the odd bit of music here and there including some of the funny songs they sing make this movie come alive.Overall I have to repeat, this is near average and only escapes because of the humour and slight emotion which together create a kind of nice movie. Would I watch this again, well the answer is maybe, it is funny no doubt but for a second time this might not get the laughs it does first time around, so don't expect this to stick with you forever if you watch it. Last thing to say is about Coogan, he is hilarious at times and some of his other work is fantastic, now this won't go down in that list but he sure can be proud of making his character a different one, and not afraid to mix insane comedy with a little bit of pure drama.

Valentine D (mx) wrote: It is incredibly hard to do a family comedy right and Jared Hess may be the master of it. Setting, writing and music are outstanding, but the charm within the movie lies on Jack Black nailing his character who is also supported by a diverse pool of interesting figures that don't make this feel like a one man show.

Robert B (au) wrote: Three Strikes (DJ Pooh, 2000)[originally posted 6Mar2000]Lesson one: never let the only person at the table neither of you has ever met choose the movie you're going to see that night. Lesson two: "dinner and a movie" these days must, by necessity, have the movie first. You can't plan a dinner to finish just around the time that movies start unless you make it yourself.Once upon a time there was a rapper and his DJ. The DJ had written a movie script, and the rapper wanted to to star in it. It came out about the same time as eighty-seven-and-a-half other movies starring rappers, and there wasn't really much to distinguish it save the presence of an up-and-coming comedian who later went on to superstardom. And I don't know whether Chris Tucker is the reason, or something else, but Friday--written by Pooh and starring Ice Cube-- became a cult hit. It's still almost impossible to rent, years later, and when it shows up on prime time television, it gets ratings good enough to put it in the top twenty or so for the week. This, of course, makes Pooh think "hey, my movie must be better than the rest of them. Maybe I should try it again."In one month, Pooh has had two movies pop up-- Next Friday, the sequel to Friday, and Three Strikes. Everyone and their brother has already panned the former, so I don't need to add my own thoughts. But I haven't seen any reviews of Three Strikes yet. So I still get to chime in.The story revolves around Robert Duncan (Brian Hooks), a two-time offender who gets out of prison and, thanks to a series of misadventures, finds himself in a shootout over a stolen car. Knowing that he's going to jail for good if the cops think he's involved in some way, he runs, and spends the rest of the movie on the run from the cops while trying to patch things up with his girfriend (N'Bushe Wright), avoid the friends of the car thief/shooter he left in the lurch, and calm his dysfunctional family. The usual misadventures occur that one sees in a movie such as this.And that's the problem with this flick-- it's the usual, the usual, and more of the usual. Some funny stuff, because Pooh really is good at writing comedy, but for the most part a lot of talented comic castmembers fall flat. David Alan Grier, as the primary on the Duncan case, falls flat in almost every scene. Vincent Schiavelli is completely forgettable as Duncan's parole officer, and David Leisure doesn't have enough screen time to really get his shtick into gear. These performances balance out the good stuff-- Wright, Faison Love as the all-too-likable bad guy, and Duncan's deadpan sidekick, played by... uhhhhhh... IMDB isn't listing most of the players here. D'oh!In any case, it might be worth a rental. If you're a DJ Pooh completist or just like staring at N'Bushe Wright. Otherwise, ignore it and let it slip into the well-deserved obscurity waiting for it. **

lord r (nl) wrote: Yes, forget this movie. It had an interesting premise, but... Joe Montagna doing a narrative like this romance was interesting or important? Too much golly gee whiz sentiment. Corny. Nay, sappy. I didn't care about the characters. Why should I? Crystal is too smug, Always seems like he's doing a borderline impersonation of Howard Cosell. Winger, tho always nice to see, seemed unsure of herself. NBA players all did a totally excellent job of over-acting and hamming it up. Hokey. And the final scenes with Masur and Kavner as interesting dining companions? They would both give me indigestion. Throw in all that Paris scenery for good measure and you've got a sure-fire romantic comedy hit for the ages - right?

Filippo V (fr) wrote: Solid action movie from the 80's with awesome stunts that make incredible action scenes. I didn't like when it's trying to be funny, but the movie still remains entertaining.

Spencer R (mx) wrote: Bizzarre Made for TV/actors not actually face to face while being made type flick Hogan's Heroesesque Nazis with a very 80s Cure-fan looking SS guy. Actors working for drinlking money is my take.........

Bubba M (gb) wrote: a good story of the old south

Brad S (ag) wrote: I first saw this as a kid and it stuck with me, I finally re-watched it after wanting to for many years. It is an interesting story, and is "based on a true story" about I white boy taken by a tribe in the Amazon Rain forest. Powers booth is the father who never stops searching for his lost son and the director's son, Charlie Boorman plays the teenage version of the boy. I found the film somewhat flawed, but ultimately enjoyable. For me, Charlie Boorman was a weak link, but most others seem to enjoy his performances. The film is definitely worth a watch though.