Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Four stowaways get mixed up with gangsters while running riot on an ocean liner.

On a transatlantic crossing, the Marx brothers get up to their usual antics and manage to annoy just about everyone on board the ship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blair K (br) wrote: saw the trailer on youtube and looked crazy haha. would rush out to see it but definitely would check out eventually for a change of pace b-movie good time haha

Rowena C (jp) wrote: glad dat aft wtchin tons of shows ,comes a movie with true , sincere , natural cnvrsation.....nt rili in d mood so hard to sit thru

Jonathan U (gb) wrote: EVERY BODY CAN DO SOMETHING MONUMENTAL! Esta pelcula me record lo importante de ser uno mismo, de salir de la comodidad, de buscar eso qu (C) quieres aunque te aterre...

Blake P (au) wrote: As imperfect humans do we tend to remember things in an order organized from worst to best - never-ending is the dwelling upon situations either doused in some sort of emotional trauma or some sort of discontent. Sometimes are good memories premier, but we're more inclined to lying awake at night beating ourselves up over moments we wish we could take back. As the entirety of subversive romantic comedy "(500) Days of Summer" is told in flashback, kicking off at the tail end of a failed romance, it would perhaps prefer to focus on the finer feelings of its central doomed relationship to its slow burns of heartbreak. But because it's eerily close in its resembling to one's memory bank - it tells of the five-hundred day long relationship between Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and the eponymous Summer (Zooey Deschanel) in a non-linear style that jumps back and forth between seemingly unrelated days (from Day 2 to Day 250, for example) - there's never a moment not shaded by longing bittersweetness, by empathetic relatability. Because we've all had relationships like the one spotlighted in "(500) Days of Summer." An underdog in a genre that takes a liking to perfect matches and champions the unrealistic ideology that is the soulmate, in place is the kind of unbalanced courtship wherein one party is deeply in love while the other is consistently unsure of their true emotions and eventually becomes a heartbreaker. The looming relational train wreck, immediately (and bitterly) is autobiographically revealed at the film's opening, but even without it would we be easily equipped to tell that Tom and Summer's love is distinctly one-sided - Tom would kill for the titular, quirky brunette beauty without hesitation, whereas Summer, despite obviously caring a great deal for the beau she does, in her defense, declare that she doesn't much want to begin with, isn't so sure she can commit to making such declarations surrounding the opposite party anyway. And yet the tragicomic trappings of "(500) Days of Summer" arguably make it more memorable a romantic comedy. How energizing it is to have a genre gem in which the leading couple isn't actually made for each other, in which happy endings aren't so certain in their happily ever after positioning, in which the male hero's more than an idealistic pile of charm and in which the female of interest has more to worry about than her romantic life. The screenplay, by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, is appealingly offbeat, packed with charismatic artistic detours that include a musical sequence and a talking head style, black-and-white documentary imitating confessional. The direction, by Marc Webb, enchants without running into schmaltz. Levitt is humanely congenial, Deschanel lovable if damaged. But by "(500) Days of Summer's" end are we, at odds with its mostly impeccable technical and artistic risks, left feeling as though it could be something more than it is. Pestering me is the notion that we could have been presented with a primary cinematic romance that didn't so often take on the tone of lovestruck boy running after girl who doesn't like him all that much (Summer's various states of disregarding paired with her brushes with ingenuity and authenticity make her a sometimes difficult character to understand - though I suppose that could be precisely the point). Badgering me is the idea that the characterizing of the beginning and ending of Tom and Summer's relationship is so strong that the juice coming in the middle almost seems nonexistent (which is, therefore, a detrimental setback). Still, the movie's beautifully nonconforming and oftentimes categorically superior - it's genre fodder a cut above from its formula driven peers.

Riff J (ca) wrote: Count me as one who found this very slow and constantly waiting for the psychological drama to stimulate. It had all the required ingredients to make something beautiful, yet the whole does not even add up to the sum it's parts. Viggo Mortensen's performance was noteworthy, so that is a plus. But the talented Naomi Watts wasn't employed in a fashion that brought out the best in her. Overall this movie is quite overrated and not the psychological drama it's made out to be.

Travis C (nl) wrote: I love the way it was shot, just like a documentary.

Baddie K (kr) wrote: why i cant watch thats the whole point

Kristian M (ca) wrote: Not a bad sequel, a bit predictable but overall not horrible

Michael S (us) wrote: Decidedly a mish-mash from Huston, who seems so utterly seduced by Finney's performance (a rare piece of perfection) that the rest of the film surrounding it has as sure a footing as the consul at its center. Bisset is trying but given very little to do besides look concerned and get dragged around by the script. The rising tension and pain of the climax are nearly destroyed by the very last moments of overplaying one's hand, and crushing literal evocation of the title, an unnecessary move.

Derrick D (es) wrote: Don't get me wrong, the acting is excellent as usual when you pair Mifune and Shimura together. But towards the end of this movie, my attention started to drift and I lost interest in how this movie was going to end. Everything leading up to the final 15 - 20 minutes is good stuff, but as the curtain closes, I couldn't help but wonder if this story could have ended stronger.

Richard B (es) wrote: I thought this little independent film about music looked pretty solid so I figured it was worth a shot, and I was glad I did. Billy Crudup is really good in this and it was cool to see him back playing music in a film (like in Almost Famous). The cast is very good and William H. Macy does a good job in his directorial debut as well. The film ended up being more emotional and had more depth than I had expected, but I really was happy about that. Overall I enjoyed this film and the surprises that came along with it.

Yvette C (us) wrote: Can't believe it took me so long to see it. Fantastic film!

Jennifer B (us) wrote: I haven't seen this in years but I remember loving this film because marriage is shown to be fragile and unexpected. And that just because a ring is on your fingers doesn't mean a heart is where it's supposed to be. And I love Stoltz in this film.