Monkey Trouble

Monkey Trouble

Dodger, a criminal monkey, belongs to a crooked street performer but escapes his life of crime only to end up in the arms of Eva, an innocent little girl whose mother has no idea that her daughter is harboring a fugitive.

9-year-old Eva dreams of owning a pet, but her mother doesn't think she's ready and her father is allergic to animals. One day, she finds a lost capuchin monkey but since then her life turns hairy when her new pet turns out to be a trained pickpocket on the run from a scheming gypsy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anna L (nl) wrote: Bizarre yet mesmerizing.

Aaron C (us) wrote: Perhaps it was the authenticity of the credible characters, or just the outlandish but plausible situations, but I enjoyed this taiwanese/hokkien bildungsroman more than initially thought. No wonder, since it came from a semi-autobiographical novella, which I wish I could read in its original language. A praiseworthy rendition to film, through smooth, mosaic storytelling, and a wonderful discovery about 3 years late, but fresh, this (c) new year.

Saif D (us) wrote: the best movie in Bollywood till date Dhoom 3 is awesome

Paco B (de) wrote: My kid won't even watch it!!!!

Anthony S (mx) wrote: Understandably the quality of this film, if indeed made for a low low budget is somewhat questionable, but the story is fast paced, fun and balanced by a great music score which takes you through the film and keeps things moving. The amazing thing is the number of cameo appearances by veteran actors, all of whom do a fantastic job at supporting newcomer Mick Rossi...(I actually lost count of how many stars were in this film). The highlight is Andy Nyman who steals the show in this one with his funny but loathing portrayal of Danny (and went on to do bigger movies right after incidentally). Vinnie Jones is superb and in contrast to the misguided comment above, appears in the film multiple times. Gabriel Bryne does an excellent job at popping up when you least expect it, and not to forget the auspicious Roy Dotrice who plays the crime lord to perfection. If you are looking for a glitzy hollywood factory movie, then this isn't for you, but if you like underground filmmaking which takes risks, delivers laughs and thrills and doesn't subscribe to the mainstream, then this is for you....and by the way, the story may seem confusing at first but if you think about it, it all makes sense....duh! Well done to the producers and the director for showing Hollywood that you don't need millions to pay named actors to be in films. Lastly, the footage of Val Kilmer alone is hilarious and worth watching the whole film....if indeed this was all improvised as stated it is pure genius and well done to capturing it on film. "Don't let them taco you Ray!" Anyways, at my video store the film has been on the new releases shelf for nine months now and is still there! So as for burying this little gem....I don't think so!

Daniel R (de) wrote: Simply fucking amazing. I haven't seen a comedy special this good in a long time. Literally, it was non-stop laughter.

Max O (es) wrote: Great movie in fact i watched it the other day

Chris T (mx) wrote: This is a brilliant series. I'm looking forward to the next three installments!

Eliel L (mx) wrote: Una confusa obra de presentar el arte, varias escenas son extraas y varias situaciones salen de la nada, al igual las actuaciones se sienten acartonadas y eso se ve en los dos protagonistas.Y tendra algo que se le rescata es su cursi pero disfrutable banda sonora, al igual Gene Kelly saca un poco de su chispa para el film.

Tony P (mx) wrote: The first sequel to the classic film The Omen. This film isn't bad in its own right but falls into the classic sequel trap in that comparisons are made to the original which it cannot quite meet.The film follows the Damian boy from the first film who seems to have grisly deaths follow him.Damien is now a young teenager being cared for by his tycoon uncle and attending a military cadet school.The gory death scenes that were a trademark of the original continue slightly but in a US dominated environment. The UK was the setting for the original.The cast does not include Gregory Peck whose Ambassador Thorn character died in the original.A haunting music score by original soundtrack artist Jerry Goldsmith is one of the sole continuity themes I can find aside from the Damian character himself.

John M (kr) wrote: A great cross-country-road-trip movie that is gentle and charming. The film is very organic and is beautifully directed by Paul Mazursky in what is probably his best film. Art Carney does a great job, and beat out a very impressive set of fellow actors for that year's Best Actor Oscar. Deservedly so. The film's very bittersweet final minutes are among cinema's most memorable.

Joel A (de) wrote: Quite a challenging, confronting anti war film that was the major inspiration for the hit song One by Metallica.Dalton Trumbo (writer & director) really stuck a knife into the government & their agenda's within war.Basically the story of a young man in WW1 who loses his all of his arms, legs & face in battle & the government still keep him alive. Left with his full conscious brain he struggles in every way.It's a powerful film clearly made on a budget, but the subject matter is powerful & stays with you, surprisingly this film just came & went theatrically but is a must see anti war film....

Cameron M (us) wrote: Proving she could play the bitch as well as anyone, Joan's just sublime as the tyrannical Southern Queen. Every line just drips venom, in the inimitable Crawford style.

Octavian (ru) wrote: Aziz and Jesse Eisenberg should be paired up again, but geez, work on the plot. We have no information more available about their lives than the bare minimum needed for the plot pieces to be stitched together. How 2D can a backdrop get. All the other characters are completely flat too.

Hrant B (gb) wrote: Liam Neeson is an unregistered private investigator in city of Boston. In this movie Liam helps the Russian mafia to find their missing relatives. It is very similar to Taken but this time it isn't associated with his own family. Overall it was a good movie, very entertaining.

Justin B (ca) wrote: The best Christmas movie of the past decade, probably longer. Clever modernization of the lore we're all familiar with and a stunning emotional heft that never feels contrived or schmaltzy as most holiday films tend to.

Private U (de) wrote: It's a good mindless, action movie. Not the best acting and the practical effects haven't aged well but it is fun.