Monkey Warfare

Monkey Warfare

Two ex-revolutionaries living underground have their lives turned upside down by a sexy young radical who goes from smashing SUVs to fighting gentrification with firebombs.

Two ex-revolutionaries living underground have their lives turned upside down by a sexy young radical who goes from smashing SUVs to fighting gentrification with firebombs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexander C (jp) wrote: Worth finding and watching!

Ricky J (au) wrote: This movie isn't that bad.The action scenes are decent enough.

Sophie D (es) wrote: Film relatant la complexit des rapports adolescents dans une banlieue "ordinaire". Un film qui parle d'amour, o les sentiments s'expriment par les regards et o le thtre est une cle pour sduire et tre sduit.

Chris T (au) wrote: A half-decent inside look into what goes on at Cannes ... through the eyes of the people at Troma.

Inta K (br) wrote: little bit strange love story

Andrew B (ru) wrote: Is Vegas Vacation in the same "classic" category as Vacation and Christmas Vacation ? No. But nonetheless it is still a funny and overall solid addition to the franchise in my opinion. Especially looking back now that they remade the original Vacation with the always unfunny Ed Helms, this movie looks like a pure gem. What I got with this movie was a somewhat predictable and silly movie, yet still funny. I am not expecting Vegas Vacation to be a trump all classic comedy hit, but something to make me laugh when it happens to be on. After a few repeated viewings over the years in my eyes it still stands the test of time and gives me a good laugh when I watch it.

Barry K (fr) wrote: Nicely done Freddie Francis film with a wonderful cast. Timothy Dalton, Jonathan Pryce, Stephen Rea, Patrick Stewart, Julian Sands and Sian Phillips.

Don S (mx) wrote: Even though I didn't care for the Van Cleef character, this mash up of spaghetti western and kung-fu movie worked for me. Lieh Lo carried the movie, as a young man out to return honor to his family by finding a hidden treasure that they were entrusted with. Worth a look if you can find it.

Kevin L (es) wrote: Una serie de entrevistas, con quienes lo conocieron, nos introduce en la vida del incompetente atracador Virgil Starkwell, que desde el principio estuvo abocado a la delincuencia: durante su infancia vivi sometido y humillado por los chicos ms fuertes, y cuando descubri que su carrera musical no tena futuro, a Virgil no le qued ms remedio que robar, pero su escaso talento pronto lo conducira a la crcel.

Nick H (es) wrote: This is Al Pacino's movie. He upstages everyone else, including Johnny Depp. Poor Anne Heche doesn't even register. That said, he does have some competition, from New York City -- here, in a grimy, decadent phase. This film does justice to the city, to Pacino's doomed gangster, and to a great American story -- one that was surely destined for Hollywood adaptation.

Jairo A (au) wrote: Grave Encounters is's one of those types of movies you want to watch with your girl because you know it will scare the hell out of her in some parts and you want to be there to comfort her. The story is cool, the best part is the way it's filmed. In some parts, you have this very uneasy feeling and you don't know where the heck the "entity" will come out from. The acting is ok...but this movie is pretty creepy in some parts! 3/5 OR 6/10

steve f (br) wrote: The mission impossible part is right...... Eveyrone always knowing what is going on and what will happen . Oh too much..............

Nathan M (it) wrote: much better movie Jurassic Park 3

Quincy T (jp) wrote: Overly complex and riddled with vain symbolisms. This is a prime example where less is more. The movie executes multiple perspectives and subplots to the point of exhaustion. It follows John Doe (Vinnie Jones) as he sets intricate plans for revenge by hiring six different conman or assassin. Each of them reveals a facet of the target, along with occasional flashback and branching story, all of which ultimately end in an uninspiring conclusion. With six hitmen following their own respective plot, this is basically six short stories woven together, but not in consistent fashion. It's not an intersecting story like Snatch or even Smokin' Aces, there are many perspectives and timelines, yet they don't mesh together that well. It even feels fragmented since each hitman has limited screen time, not enough to establish their character for overall continuity.Cinematography is done with too much focus on style, the movie repetitively pans over to the same shots of night club, flashback or slow motion gun shot. Prepare to see these scenes again and again throughout the movie as though it wants to be edgy so badly, instead it becomes tiresome later on. The cast is pretty presentable, action fans would be pleased to see the Vinnie Jones or Vivica A. Fox. The characters are made to cater flamboyant lifestyle with extravagant personalities and attractive ladies. This might appeal to viewer who like exaggerated hitman or noir style, although the movie could've worked better with lighter tone or more constructed plot. It tries to produce intense display of a revenge tale as it delves into different aspects of the target's life, yet it's gradually becoming shallower as it progresses. Furthermore, the ending feels forced, making it a needlessly complicated and boring spectacle.