Monsieur Léon

Monsieur Léon


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Darren H (ag) wrote: Average + as usual, Vinnie Jones can't act for toffee!!!!

David B (au) wrote: Will make you see things in a different light, a real eye opener

Sarah M (nl) wrote: very fun and exciting. a great story!

Russell S (us) wrote: Another half baked, badly written prequel with the most unsympathetic, whiny, annoying Anakin Skywalker, some badly over the top action, even more CGI and a story so dull you just want to fall asleep.

Jhaneb K (ca) wrote: A pathetic movie expect the first songs.

Flaky M (ag) wrote: i love this movie so much

Andrew Z (mx) wrote: Rob Schneider as a red head? Now I've seen everything.

Ed F (ca) wrote: This Is the first Robert Bresson movie I have seen, and Im not sure what all the fuss is about over him. Sure it's well shot and has an impressive runtime, but the performances are as dreary and lifeless as the storyline, and I just got rather bored quite quickly. Maybe the film was meant to be this way, but i just couldnt get into it. I am interesting in seeing more of his films though, especially L'Argent and Pickpocket.

Manch F (br) wrote: Better and truer to the dark tone of the comics than the stupid MCU Hulk. You can't beat Ang Lee's character driven direction.

Jason M (us) wrote: A very interesting historical look into an act of domestic terrorism that took place over 150 years before 9/11, precisely on that day. Not for the faint of heart, believe me.

James R (us) wrote: Dreadful. Un-biblical. Jesus performing miracles as a 6 year old - not least - an English accent.