Monster High: Fright On

Monster High: Fright On

See what happens when the student bodies of an all-vampire school and an all-werewolf school integrate with Monster High.

Monster High is the model high school for monster integration; a melting pot where all monsters can let their fangtastic freak flags fly! But when other monster schools are merged with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Monster High: Fright On torrent reviews

Tristan B (kr) wrote: This film is pretty dark -not for sensitive viewers. I found it shocking that Robert Hanson may have killed up to 30 women over a number of years, but was only convicted for murdering 17.

Al Hassan E (it) wrote: Reasons you shouldn't always trust Rotten Tomatoes..

Keith A (au) wrote: I think the key to enjoying movies these days is to go in expecting nothing. I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining this was

The B (mx) wrote: Quite good and interesting.

Adrian M (au) wrote: .... perfecta pelicula... ZARATHUSTRA.. FREUD.. SALOME.. NIETZSCHE ... nesecitas algo mas ????

Tania J (ca) wrote: It was ok ~ not as frightening as I thought it would be.

Hillary M (de) wrote: Yeah see it for sure... if you are a "common man" you will probably be disgusted with yourself.

Hans J E (fr) wrote: I am surprised to see that this has only a 38% rating here on RT. To me this was a great movie. I just loved the story. I was deeply moved by this movie.

Farrah W (mx) wrote: I love this so much it turned me into a petty thief.

Paul J (es) wrote: Ming-liang's pre-occupation with youth mirrors Hou Hsiao-hsien's work. The colors bleed across the screen in a vibrant way that recalls Kar-wai. Yet, there is an ugliness that lingers as well.

James O (ag) wrote: Dollman is one of the greatest Full Moon productions. Dollman is a sci-fi action movie with Tim Thomerson as Brick Bardo, a cop from the planet Arturos who lands on Earth, but on Earth, he's only 13 inches tall. Bardo is a real [email protected]$$ with a short temper. Brick would probably get squished easily if he didn't have his gun, the most powerful gun in the universe. On Arturos, it blows people up, but on Earth, its the equivalent of a bullet. Dollman has some great action scenes, and Thomerson is fantastic in the role as Brick Bardo. Dollman is a whole lot better than recent Full Moon Features, like Puppet Master: Ais of Evil, Curse of the Puppet Master,

Jess K (jp) wrote: Reeally cute abd old fashioned. Haha..some great parts in here.

Joules L (au) wrote: I am a fool for this sappy stuff... just love street dance

Tim B (nl) wrote: Bromance at it's finest