Monster Night

Monster Night

On Halloween, a teenage boy who is grounded and forced to baby-sit his brother and sister discovers, along with his siblings, that his house is haunted.

On Halloween, a teenage boy who is grounded and forced to baby-sit his brother and sister discovers, along with his siblings, that his house is haunted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dustin H (ag) wrote: Transcendence in mundanity.

Yusha O (br) wrote: A bit less fast-paced than the first one. Okay plot.

Mustafa H (it) wrote: a different sort of movee,so different that it looks like a french movie in hindi, comparable to the likes of gr8 tragedies like jaaney bhi do yaaro, zubeida etc

Krystal W (mx) wrote: Wicked movie but could have been better.

Moses M (jp) wrote: Despite a lot of seedy characters and resulting distasteful encounters, the movie itself was surprisingly good. It was well written and keeps one guessing until the very end!

Rachel C (mx) wrote: Behind the scenes: When I delivered script changes to Richard Andersen (of 6 Million Dollar Man fame) I found him to be very hospitable and just a cool guy with a GREAT collection of Hollywood pics on his sitting room wall.

Thomas P (it) wrote: Good small town movie. I liked it. Decent love story.

KJ Q (ca) wrote: This movie feels like your watching both an animated and gangster film. This movie has 2 theme and that is love and caring. The song " Love survives" was a sad song because it reminds of you when someone dies. Well judith barsi, the voice of the little girl, died a year before the film was released. The song was dedicated to her. This is a movie that your kids might want to watch. And by the way, RIP Judith, your in a better place now.

Gokul P (br) wrote: Whatte movie!! One of the best ever movies made in Bollywood... Deserves a 5/5..

Stephen P (mx) wrote: Dirty Dancing is a movie that was made before my time, and seeing that i am going to the broadway soon i figured, why not check out the original film first. This was a romantic drama that was actually pretty good, for someone who didn't grow up dreaming about Patrick Swayze i thought this was still a pretty entertaining film. Now the overall plot isn't the most original thing because everyone knows what is going to happen in these movies but it does enough to surprise you and keep you interested. The main way they do this is through the characters, the characters are all so different that right from the get go you know the type of character they are and can see them change over the course of the film. The character chemistry is also really well done especially between Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Their dialogue and the way their relationship evolves throughout the film really holds the film together. Some of the other characters aren't as well setup in the film and only show up when the plot needs them to but you forget about that as you realise they aren't the focus. They both play their respective roles really well and you are at all times convinced that their relationship could be very real.The dance sequences are also some of the highlights of the movie, they really bring a positive and uplifting feel to the film to counter some of the more emotional scenes. And what would be a dance sequence without some music, the soundtrack in this film was great, filled with classic songs that even i knew some of the words to and really get you in a good mood. Where i would say the film gets let down is with its pacing. The movie does move at a pretty steady pace but there are quite a few moments in the middle that kind of drag on a little too much, and although it is for the character development, some of the longer scenes could have been cut down. But in the end this was an enjoyable film, not the greatest romantic drama of its era but definitely a really good one to watch. - 7

Elijah M (de) wrote: Chris Rock finds himself dealing with some of his best work ever! Filled with an all-star cast, smart writing, and great direction from Chris Rock, Top Five is a great comedy film...even if it's ending isn't that satisfying