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A photographer finds himself falling for a 14 year-old boy.

A photographer finds himself falling for a 14 year-old boy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (gb) wrote: Awful acting throughout but the story is interesting enought to keep watching until the last 30 minutes when it all gets dumber.

Angus M (kr) wrote: i thought it was a great movie, good watch, good inspirational movie

Tristan M (us) wrote: Starts off right where the first one left, and from then on feels like the same movie as the original. It is however this time too over the top and too repetitive. The acting and script is the same, the topic is the same basically, the whole idea is the same, the ending is the same. It's so full of cursing, punching, boobs, gangs that's it's a little too much, but is a exciting ride and funny to was, my personal favourite being the guy with Full Body Terets. Everyone is a stereotypical Mexican, black, or Asian, who all have they own gang who want Chelios and will kill each other for it. The ending was pretty good, maybe too extreme, amusing, and from the end of the first one, wouldn't be surprised if another sequel came up soon. Burning to death, may not be as easy to work with however. We don't see what happens to Eve, we can assume though. The fight between Chelios and the Chinese guy at the electrical place was dumb, not really braise of the old fashion Godzilla style guys fighting while everything is small around them, but the fact that it drags out to long and isn't really all that well done. Overall fun to watch with a few friends, good laughs, action, story, and characters, with a twist of dumb that you won't forget and can still enjoy. Not nearly as good as the first one however, mostly because of how repetitive it is, and how it goes even further into craziness. Almost hope there will be a third.

Samuel J (nl) wrote: "Men know how to kill, women how to survive." Director: Dolph Lungdren Starring: Dolph Lungdren, Ben Cross, Ivan Petrushinov, Olivia Lee Running time: 94 minutes Country: Germany, USA First of all, this is the sort of film where I would obviously know what it's like. It is a real kick-ass action film but with a lame story that does remind me a lot of Taken and Shoot 'Em Up. To be perfectly honest, I was predicting this film to be a bit like Rambo IV because the outlooks of both of the posters look similar. The Mechanik is an absolutely ridiculous story but with the extremely intense and graphic action sequences that make it fun to watch. I would have rated this film a tiny bit higher but I personally think it has a lack of character development. I thought of Taken almost the same as The Mechanik. The blood was very realistic and with quite a lot of intense gore used as well. That is another reason why I was predicting this to be like Rambo IV. I have never seen Dolph Lungdren in any film before until now. I find him the same as Sylvester Stallone: pretty lame actor but an actor with a load of fun entertainment. I prefer Stallone to Lungdren. I have actually become quite interested in watching some more Dolph Lungdren films including The Expendables in which both Stallone and Lungdren are appearing in together in 2010. Dolph Lungdren directs this film almost precisely the same as Sylvester Stallone did in Rambo IV. Dolph makes his own character Nikolai Cherenko be like a modern times action hero which would make a decent franchise. The script was obviously lame like Rambo but, what the hell, it's fun. The Mechanik is a bad film but with good intense action so it's going to have to be middle rating. I have before more interested in intense action films more now after seeing The Mechanik.

Edgar C (gb) wrote: Troma pushes all boundaries proudly! Kaufman is a personal hero of mine (and certainly of countless Americans): Instead of going mainstream and being seduced by the money, he got stuck eternally to the toilet humor and the mentally sick gore he so much embraced since the founding of this splatter/comedy company. Terror Firmer is glory, especially when an escalator plays a part in one of my favorite death scenes ever. See first the Unrated version and see galons of blood fly mindlessly; afterwards, proceed with the R-rated version to see Kaufman laugh at the MPAA!! The whole world is meant to be tromatized! When had you seen this side of meta-film, huh?? Huh?!?! 64/100

Linda F (nl) wrote: Two Thumbs Up Siskel And Ebert

Gabriel K (kr) wrote: This crime drama is all about the style, and it delivers in that department, with noir-ish cinematography and jazzy soundtrack that seamlessly blends with the live action. The performances are good (with some interesting casting choices). Unfortunately, it suffers from somewhat thin story, and even though clever/stylish editing partially makes up for that, the character development is severely lacking - we never get to learn enough about any of the characters to really care for them.

Dr F P (it) wrote: Holy crap this is a gloriously hilarious murder spree held together by god of poise, Vincent Price. The ending is such utter cheese that I can't help but love it!

Eva Marie L (ru) wrote: I just watched this again last night because I want to re-see the movies I own before I rate/review. This has always been a favorite of mine and I have yet to see any movie that involves Samuel L. Jackson that isn't awesome. His skill in this leaves me speechless.My absolute favorite part of the movie is the "meeting" between him and Cesar very near the end. Jackson in that scene is nothing short of amazing. I think the fact that an actual teacher wrote the movie is incredibly interesting.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. There's language which is to be expected but there really is an amazing story all throughout.

Mark A (ru) wrote: A delightful little film with an A-list roster of stars and a convoluted tale of relationships, beginning and ending and at a crossroads. I found myself caring about these characters, every one of them damaged goods in some way, but all of them looking for someone to love and to be loved by. A little bit schmaltzy at times, but its heart is in the right place and I dug it.

Nathan C (nl) wrote: This movie is so bad and very disappointing, I never thought a horror movie like his low budget, Unpopular Product Will Turn out with nothing but dull scenes and boring scares which are not effective,If Anyone will like to see this film, Go Watch insidious...It's Technically the same thing with more effective jump scares and is extremely frightning.Score: 1/10

Jonte T (kr) wrote: Typical character played by Samuel L. Jackson. But the storyline couldn't save him this time. The plot was ridiculous with all kinds of loose ends.Was all set for a plot and character outside of Samuel L. Jackson's comfort zone and was sorely disappointed. Would not watch again.

Benjamin O (br) wrote: Dysfunctional parenting.

Liam O (ca) wrote: It's simply hilarious.

Michael M (br) wrote: Even a bizarre gymnast sex scene featuring her fantastic bare cans cannot save this movie from being absolute trash. Don't waste your time