Moon Madness

Moon Madness


The film follows the adventures of Baron Munchausen, who is prompted to travel to the moon by his cousin Sirius, an astrologer convinced that it is inhabited by an ancient race called the Selenites. The Selentites incidentally possess the secret of immortality. The Baron takes up his cousin's offer and travels to the moon using a tall masted ship pulled by three hot air balloons and he is aided by his super-ability friends (who are from the prequel to this film, The Fabulous Adventures of the Legendary Baron Munchausen). When they reach the moon, they are initially placed in jeopardy as their craft lands in a crater and they fall into a subterranean sea inhabited by monsters... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Moon Madness torrent reviews

Yuri B (de) wrote: Michael Beach & Anna Silk are the only reasons I even watched this... honestly, it was kind of bland.

Lisa J (au) wrote: Not original. It started off okay, but then just went downhill, including the acting.

Private U (ca) wrote: i agree w the previous review. M. Bellucci's performance is impressive but the plot itself is an extended (really bad version) of an X-files episode. Another hollywood "cut and paste" en franais...

Vince N (it) wrote: Funny, Educational, and kookie......

Adam U (gb) wrote: great movie LAURA was a total blast to watch in something dramatic out of her element

Daniel D (br) wrote: This well made noir may pack a punch emotionally but what many mistake as art is not enough to fill the running time. You'll shift between liking and hating the characters and while the sound design may be ingenious the film lacks clarity or resolutions. It may be unpredictable and the style real, and you can appreciate that but its boring. Its more wannabe art than it is storytelling.

Paul S (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Goldie Hawn was fantastic as Gwen, I loved how the story line provide humor through Gwen's lies. However I did not like the ending.

Zach M (mx) wrote: A good atmospheric horror movie starring Lance Henriksen directed by Stan Winston.All about revenge because his son gets killed by kids from the city. An old magic woman helps him get Pumpkinhead to take revenge.Pumpkinhead looks awesome.

Zach M (it) wrote: This was a good rap musical with Mario Van Peebles. Lots of funny moments.

Rastaman J (es) wrote: I am guessing my kids liked it somewhat! Why!!!

Larry M (mx) wrote: The best of the Hammer/Frankenstein series.Peter Cushing at his most sinister.The Baron is the true monster of this film,going to any length to continue his experiments.Destroying the lives of all who cross his path,as he descends further into madness.

Leah B (nl) wrote: It may not be a masterpiece, but "Made For Each Other" is still a very fine movie. A little melodramatic, yes- the whole "miracle serum from Salt Lake City" story line was a tad cliche, but you know back in those days cliches didn't even exist yet, so I'll let it slide. I can see the flaws in this film, but for some reason I still really cared for it and didn't mind them so much- it might have actually been films like these that created those cliches, so can you really fault them for it? I don't think so. Am I a little biased by the fact that it stars the Great Jimmy Stewart? Well...yes. But I still don't think that this film deserves to be forgotten in a pile of old, dime a dozen 1930s romantic comedies. "Made for Each Other", although not perfect or good enough to be placed on my list as flawless, Golden-era cinema is still very good and worthy to be watched. If not for the story than for the gloriousness that is young Jimmy Stewart.

Luke M (it) wrote: Touching and sweet, Stuart Little doesn't offer much new to the genre, but it is still pleasant.

Marcus W (ca) wrote: Very decent 1960's science-fiction. Definitely worthy of remaking...