Moon Zero Two

Moon Zero Two

The colonisation of space began in 1986 and now, fifty years on, the moon is frontier territory. The prospectors, the drillers, the exploiters and the exploited all surviving in this alien environment. The prospects for lucrative rewards exist but the premium paid for potential gain is often the ultimate sacrifice- life.

A space salvage expert and his partner become involved with a group of criminals intent on hijacking a small asteroid made of sapphire and crashing it into the moon for later recovery. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerry R (es) wrote: Blackthorn is one of the cleanest westerns that I have ever seen. I don't mean the content, such as the language or the violence; I mean the sets, the actors, and even the dirt look polished and cleaned-up as it were prepared for a commercial. That might work for a John Wayne picture, but modern westerns need a little grime. Having recently seen the down-in-the-dirt reality of Kelly Reichart's frontier adventure Meek's Cutoff, this movie comes off a little phony. Even the gunshot wounds have a little too much preparedness to them Blackthorn presents a "what-if" scenario that might be potentially interesting. What if the notorious outlaw Butch Cassidy wasn't gunned down in Bolivia in 1908, but survived his wounds and lived incognito under the assumed name James Blackthorne? That's the idea here, the movie is set 20 years after his legendary death and finds the elder Cassidy, played by the ever-reliable Sam Shepard, to be a man who, after all these years, still has the pep and cleverness that made him famous. This is not a follow-up, by the way, to George Roy Hill's 1968 film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but one might be tempted to think so. Fans of that film wouldn't find this a worth follow-up anyway. We first meet the legendary outlaw still living in Bolivia in a kind-of blissful retirement under his assumed name, living (and sleeping) with his Mexican housekeeper Yana (Magaly Solier) and frequently checking out the town's wanted posters just in case his own mug turns up. But something is nagging at the old man and he longs to return to the United States, to a son that he frequently writes letters to. Why he needs to return to the states isn't very clear. He seems to have an okay life there in Bolivia, why did he need to pull up stakes? I suppose, if he stayed in Bolivia, the movie wouldn't set out of the dusty trail for gunfights and pretty horses. On the road, Butch's plan of traveling back to America is undone by a wet-behind-the-ears mining engineer named Eduardo who scares off Butch's horse whose saddlebags contained his retirement. Butch knows that the kid has robbed a rich man and leads him down a mine shaft where he has hidden it. Eduardo needs protection from the millionaire's head hunters who want the money back. Butch doesn't need this kind of heat especially when the pursuit gets the attention of McKinley, an agent of the old Pinkerton Gang, who has been tracking him these past 20 years. All of this sounds more interesting than it plays out. There's nothing in this movie that is really distinctive. It is your garden-variety, standard shoot-em-up, nothing that suggests that this is Butch's story. Throughout the picture we get flashbacks to the good old days, to Butch and his outlaw buddy The Sundance Kid. Those scenes are propped up to show up the glory years, but they don't seem to have a point. Shepard does an okay job at playing the lead, but there's something too polished and relaxed about this Butch Cassidy. One might think that a notorious outlaw who has spent two decades looking over his shoulder might seem a little tense or a little more cautious. Plus, someone with his past might have eyes that would suggest a little more regret. This whole movie comes off at that level. It never presents a western landscape that feels like a real place. Everything is cleaned-up and propped up to be a movie.

Porast L (br) wrote: This documentary of September 11th, 2001 is more relatable than any (and there are many) other 9/11 shows out there. Filmed on handheld camcorders by amateurs, the chronologically accurate portrayal of America's saddest morning is engrossing. Occasionally the show will have audio of professional newsmen and women talking on air about the events, but the most chilling audio comes from the people holding the camera and those around them. Real feelings of shock, confusion, and sadness are expressed uncensored and very raw. The scenes show New Yorkers trying over and over again to reach loved ones on cell phones, check physically to see if everyone they work with is around them, and in a jolting sense of reality, firefighters head into the World Trade Center minutes before their doom is upon them. In a sick sense of curiosity, bystanders can only watch as people jump from the burning buildings to their death as the streets are littered with a mocking ticker-tape parade. Extremely emotional and accurate, 102 Minutes That Changed America is a gut-wrenching revisit in this graphically accurate historical film.

Alex Y (jp) wrote: take bizzare, ludicrous story line. add victorian costume, crossdressing, ben kingsley and "nudies". POOF! you have Triumph of Love.

Jeffrey M (it) wrote: American Outlaws is a corny, silly, ill-conceived, and extremely inaccurate depiction of the Jesse James gang. It should not be considered a western, as it disrespects the genre immensely with its' lackluster execution, embodying nothing of what makes a good western film. The actors look good to okay on paper, but ultimately only achieve the level of a made-for-tv movie (if not quite equaling some of the better ones). How it got green lighted is a more interesting question than the movie itself is.

Hayley A (mx) wrote: good realistic movie

Ryan T (mx) wrote: silly silly silly. I wish I got more of the cultural references, but a wacky movie about law and culture in 19th century China and Hong Kong.

Jose R (mx) wrote: One of Stallone's best classic films packed with great action and humorous moments. A-

Private U (ru) wrote: This is a great supernatural thriller,and much underated in my opinion. A bit Shawshank meets the Shining. I cant understand why it's not more well known!

Art S (es) wrote: After I got past the off-putting dubbing into English, the film's central mystery really grabbed me. Alain Delon is an unscrupulous art dealer in France during WWII (preying on fleeing Jews by buying their treasures at low prices) who becomes mistaken for another "Robert Klein" who may be Jewish. As his world crumbles with the enforcement of anti-Semitic laws, he searches (detective-like) for his doppelganger. Losey's direction (and art direction) heightens the ambiguity of Delon's situation and moves him into a world of blues and greys where alienation reigns.

Dory H (es) wrote: This book is amazing, and the movie is really good too. The voice-overs for the characters were sort of distracting and cheesy, and the plot wasn't the most engaging, but the cinematography and music are totally amazing and altogether the movie is enthralling, especially for nature lovers. Definitely look at it from that standpoint, or you probably won't enjoy it as much as you might.

Scott R (nl) wrote: A warm biopic with a dynamic Cagney Performance, that makes this a must-see

Matt B (gb) wrote: Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker is the most Brilliant beyond Brilliant Spy Movie since Spy Kids and Agent Cody Banks!!!! Alex Pettyfer played his character Alex Rider with cleverness!!!!

Paul D (fr) wrote: Hugh Grant revisits rom-com territory once agains and it does feel familiar... he just looks a lot older now than in his 90's peak in this genre.

Ciolacu G (fr) wrote: "The film is a chilling study of an evil, dominant personality and his victims." - Ebert