Moondance Alexander

Moondance Alexander

The curiously named, Moondance Alexander is a spirited teen living with her eccentric mother. She is faced with another uneventful summer until she discovers a lost pinto pony named Checkers who has jumped out of his paddock. Although Moondance returns the horse to his rightful owner, the gruff and mysterious Dante Longpre, she is convinced that Checkers is a champion jumper in disguise and is determined to help him realize his full potential. Moondance manages to talk Dante into training her and Checkers for the Bow Valley Classic and despite the criticism of her peers; discovers that perseverance, loyalty and individuality can land you in the winner's circle.

Spirited Moondance Alexander is faced with another uneventful summer until she discovers a lost pinto pony named Checkers. Although Moondance returns the horse to his rightful owner, she is convinced that Checkers is a champion jumper in disguise and is determined to help him realize his full potential. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zen D (ru) wrote: Can't explain why I liked it a lot.

April S (fr) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised with this movie...pretty funny :)

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