Moonnam Pakkam

Moonnam Pakkam

Thampi retired as an accountant from Indian Railway in mid-1980s following his son's death leads a solitary life in his ancestral house. Thampi's grandson Bhasker aka Pachu had completed his medicine from Bangalore. Thampi is excited when his grandson Pachu, comes along with his friends to spend his vacation with grandpa.During the vacation Pachu and his friends often goes to the nearby beach for a swim. During one such visit Pachu and Lopez gets pulled into the ocean and only Lopez manages to escape. . Eventually the body is found on the third day. The funeral is held on the same day and Pachu's friends gets ready to leave the day after. They all visit the beach one last time to say goodbye to Pachu where they see Thampi arriving with priests to perform the funeral rites of Pachu. While performing the "bali", he takes the ultimate decision and walks away into the sea with the "balichoru" in his hands to the shock of all others.

An old man spends his life in solitude awaiting his grandson to come for vacation after 6 years. His arrival made him the happiest man in the world but it didn't last long as he thought. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin T (ag) wrote: A quirky little indie comedy, but aren't they all quirky?

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Jillian L (de) wrote: So, I don't quite know what this wanted to be. On one hand, it could have been this fun, kind of off beat comedy, or it could have been a family drama. This was a weird mixture of both, and I didn't know whether I should be laughing or not. Something I did like was that this was about a niche subject, it was still able to be followed and relatable. This was a lot in part thanks to the acting of Shlomo Bar-Aba and Lior Ashkenazi, who played the father and son. I really enjoyed both of their performances. These are two complicated men and their relationship with each other is just as complicated. So, in the end, I think this is interesting, but I wish is was more focused in what it was trying to say.

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