More Dogs Than Bones

More Dogs Than Bones

A series of mishaps and misfortunes over $1 million in cash leads to murder, mayhem and greed.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   greed,   magic,  

A series of mishaps and misfortunes over $1 million in cash leads to murder, mayhem and greed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zahid C (gb) wrote: Day: MondayDate: 18 Jun 2012Time: 11.00 pmWith: No one On: Laptop

Chris D (jp) wrote: Stylish Japanese Drama which never bores or overstays its welcome. Nice touches of humour and pathos, a perfect conclusion to Yoji Yamada's samurai trilogy, this is a must see 10/10

Greg R (nl) wrote: I really don't know what to think of this franchise. Is it good or is it not that good? Eugene Levy is quite entertaining, but everything else I have mixed thoughts on.

Daniel V (us) wrote: If you like John Cleese and very British movies, than this is the flick for you. I happen to be a Pythonite(no idea if that's a real thing) and I love Cleese. So I laughed quite a bit. Makes me wish there were more scenes at the school because Cleese is hilarious with kids and teenagers.

Alex S (au) wrote: Death Race 2000 is not necessarily a bad satire, but it has so many other problems that its message is somewhat skewed. Death Race 2000 may be campy, but that is no excuse for a lack of creative or intellectual script and god-awful acting. While this movie is sexy and, albeit, fun, everything in terms of pure cinematic skill is just so bad.

Jon P (mx) wrote: Suffering from a nonsensical screenplay, ludicrously poor pacing and a catalogue of flat, often cringeworthy gags, this overrated star-vehicle is just about watchable at best. The movie is essentially a banal retreading of 'Gentleman Prefer Blondes', seizing its golden-era, gold-digger plotline, but leaving behind all the pizazz, frivolity and joyous musical numbers; pretty much everything that actually made the movie any good in the first place. Unless you're a mega Marilyn fanatic on a must-see-all mission, avoid this one at all costs.

Heather B (es) wrote: Relatable, but that's about it.

Noah F (gb) wrote: Best romantic comedy I've ever seen.

Mimi S (ag) wrote: Confessions of a Shopaholic is a dumb and unrealistic rom-com which makes my IQ drop by at least 50 points whenever I watch it. This film is on a lot on TV so I can't escape it. Whilst it's watch-able it's also infuriating and makes all women out to be materialistic and dumb shopaholics. The film is about Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) who loves shopping and just spends spends spends without thinking about the consequences until it starts to catch up on her and she's left in debt. Not only is that bad enough she loses her job and instead gets lumbered at a financial magazine by accident, but she'd much rather work for her dream fashion magazine, Alette. Isla Fisher's character is just really dumb; this film is infuriating as it reinforces the whole women acting dumb thing as a turn on. Rebecca Bloomwood is clearly an airhead yet she gets hired to work for a financial magazine when she knows nothing about finance nor is she interested in it and her hot boss Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy) falls for her. God I might start acting dumb if it works for Rebecca Bloomwood. Isla Fisher's character annoys the hell out of me, usually I quite like Isla Fisher but she's just irritating in this. As a female not even I can relate to this film; whilst I love shopping I know my limits; I go shopping every now and then and I only buy something if I really really like it. If I'm low on money I avoid shopping. It seems that Rebecca Bloomwood buys whatever rubbish she can get her hands on; overpriced designer clothes that don't even look that nice. The film is just so clich and annoying; Rebecca Bloomwood's dumb antics just make me want to shake her. She's the dumbest woman in any chick-flick I've seen. My favourite is when she lies about being able to speak Finnish; she's like "no one ever checks up on Finland" yet at a launch party she meets a Finnish man and she's pretty much fucked because she doesn't speak a word of Finnish. The film is also unrealistic and far too clichd. The acting in this film was ok, not too bad, though Isla Fisher just ends up doing the same kind of roles; she should really try stepping out of her comfort zone. Hugh Dancy was really good in this and he's really hot, which makes the film worth watching. Also Joan Cusack and John Goodman were really good in this as Rebecca's frugal and easy-going parents ; they were one of the few decent and likeable characters in the film. All in all Confessions of a Shopaholic is watch-able enough, but still reinforces so many stereotypes about women and spending. Rebecca's dumb antics just make me want to cringe and yet how she becomes successful and bag herself a hot man baffle me. I'm smart yet I'm not successful nor do I have a hot boyfriend. Ignore me I'm being bitter, but even if I did I'd still find this film stupid. It's all over the top and over dramatical. I don't know why some films think that over-exaggerating makes a film more funny, well it doesn't. This film is ok to watch for a rainy day and since it's always on and there's nothing else to watch I always end up watching it, doesn't mean I like it though. It's watch-able but still a dumb typical chick-flick. Grade: D

Carlos M (au) wrote: Freeman brings Nelson Mandela to life in an exceptional performance indeed but this barely ordinary drama - inspiring as it may be - fails to match the greatness of its real-life character due to Eastwood's poor directing choices and blatant political naivet.

D371N 5 (ca) wrote: This movie is very good and I enjoyed it, end of story. For some reason people don't like this movie because of all the paradoxes it creates. So? Just because there's plot holes or paradoxes in a movie it doesn't ruin it. Back to to Future had tons of paradoxes and everyone loves those movies. It's a great film, so what if it has plot holes? Every movie has plot holes to some degree, especially movies that have a plot centered around time travel. It's a good movie, just enjoy it.