Mormor og de åtte ungene i skogen

Mormor og de åtte ungene i skogen

The eight kids Maren, Martin, Marte, Mads, Mona, Milly, Mina and Morten has moved with their parents and grandmother from the tiny apartment in the city to a cozy, red house in the forest. ...

The eight kids Maren, Martin, Marte, Mads, Mona, Milly, Mina and Morten has moved with their parents and grandmother from the tiny apartment in the city to a cozy, red house in the forest. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael B (br) wrote: Really, really good movie about life, with horses in it.

Mayunk J (de) wrote: One of the rare films where I had to turn away within the first 30 minutes. And I am someone who enjoyed 'Gunda'!

Jed D (gb) wrote: "Mike B ... the worst thai actor, ever!" This was hopeless.

Brenden S (jp) wrote: People may not have liked this sequel but I really enjoyed it the cars mostly.

Edgar L (mx) wrote: ''That wasn't a good play, No kidding, Horrible, You said it, but The animation was decent.''

April M (ag) wrote: Dennis Farina and Bette Midler have Mimosa time!

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Kevin D (ca) wrote: Lester's solid exploitation quickie dumbs down A Clockwork Orange. Or maybe it presages Stand and Deliver, but with the charismatic teacher going on a rampage at the end instead of teaching CALculus. McDowall's cynical teacher is a highlight.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: Boris Karloff might pop up any minute.Robert Manning's family owns a large estate in the south and his brother, Peter, goes to visit it one day and turns up missing. Robert heads to the house to find his brother and notices strange behavior by the local youth. He meets two eerie old men that tells him the tale of the city's strange path and a witch who was burned alive there. Today is the anniversary of her death and strange things seem to happen around this time of year..."No excitement. I see naked girls running through the bushes every night of my life."Vernon Sewell, director of The Blood Beast Terror, Terror Ship, Ghost Ship, The Silver Fleet, House of Mystery, and Wrong Number, delivers Curse of the Crimson Altar. The storyline for this picture is fairly predictable and doesn't contain too many horror scenes or eerie elements. The cast is solid and does a great job and includes Christopher Lee, Boris Karloff, Mark Eden, Barbara Steele, and Michael Gough. "The devil is not exactly noted for his sense of humor, and he never sleeps."I am a huge Karloff fan and found this movie on Netflix and gave it the old college didn't work out. This movie is well paced and had some potential, but there really were not any scary or intense scenes. This is just a bad 'B' horror film that really isn't worth your time, other than to see Lee and Karloff in a movie together."No painting below the belt."Grade: D+/C-

Thomas K (es) wrote: I love this film more and more every year that passes.

Stephen Z (fr) wrote: This is it; the best Bond film there is; the first one that comes to mind when you think of Bond; "Goldfinger"."Goldfinger" is the film that laid the foundation for every Bond film to follow, featuring all of the classic Bond tropes: the cars, the gadgets, the Bond girls, and the villains. This is also the first Bond film to feature a cold opening, as we get to see Bond on the tail end of one adventure, only to jump into another. And what a great cold opening it is! It establishes early that this will be an action-packed film.And indeed, "Goldfinger" features some great action scenes, with Sean Connery handling himself with as much charm and cool as ever. Opposite Connery are Bond's first, truly iconic villain and henchman in the forms of Auric Goldfinger (played by Gert Frbe) and Oddjob (Harold Sakata), and his first, truly iconic Bond girl, Pussy Galore (played by Honor Blackman). They too help contribute to the iconicity of this film and this franchise."Goldfinger" is such a fun film, full of twists and turns! This is golden age Bond at its finest - pardon the pun.

Scott R (jp) wrote: A film that confronts traditional taboos with contemporary problems via youth trying to find themselves.

Patrick W (kr) wrote: What was a pretty cool idea from M. Night Shyamalan, became Will Smith's vehicle to give his son an "I Am Legend" type film. Was supposed to convey struggle but then strong bond between father and son really got lost in translation of sci-fi action and you really can't dig your way out of it by the end. Good special effects though. Jaden Smith is definitely not on the same level of his father as far as acting talent is concerned.

Edward B (es) wrote: I just can't stop loving Jason Segel.