Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Wildly optimistic chatterbox Eva Lovelace is a would-be actress trying to crash the New York stage. She attracts the interest of a paternal actor, a philandering producer, and an earnest playwright. Is she destined for stardom, or will she fade like a morning glory after its brief blooming?

When a naively innocent, aspiring actress arrives on the Broadway scene, she is taken under the wing of several theater veterans who mentor her to ultimate success. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian K (kr) wrote: Awesome pic of two brothers switched at birth during a bomb evacuation - The Arab grew up Jewish and vice versa. Playing at Village Square locally for limited time, other cities may have played or coming.

Kent D (mx) wrote: Awful. Not funny, not clever, not witty, not insightful... not enjoyable at all. Good thing I was expecting as much... it IS Aussie after all :-P Sure sometimes we strike gold with the likes of 'The Castle' (depressing that many of the same people were responsible for this), 'Priscilla', 'Muriel's Wedding', 'Wolf Creek' or 'The Loved Ones' (actually our horror is usually pretty good), 'Chopper' etc, but for the most part, Aussie = avoid.... and what the hell is playing a (different) song every... single... time there's no dialogue. Trying to sell a soundtrack? Started to get annoying.

Robert B (nl) wrote: Dark Relic (Lorenzo Sena, 2010)Why is it that I expect SyFy Channel Original Movies to be good? Decent, even? By now I have seen so many examples of crappy Sci-Fi (now SyFy for some idiotic reason) Channel Original Movies that you'd think I'd know better. And yet I keep watching them. Case in point: Dark Relic, a period piece from first-time director Lorenzo Sena and written by SyFy veteran Andy Briggs (Rise of the Gargoyles). The basic idea: a bunch of Templars find a piece of the One True Cross and head back to Rome with it, picking up a few stragglers along the way. Some of those stragglers are Arabs, which leads to a good deal of infighting, tension, and prejudice from the locals. This in addition to various supernatural evil beasts trying to kill them because they possess a piece of the One True Cross and took it out of Jerusalem.It's actually not an awful concept, but the execution is pure SyFy. Throw in a couple of attractive folks (Clemency Burton-Hill is the female lead, and is classically cute, playing against True Blood's ruggedly handsome James Frain) and some low-budget special effects and you have a movie, right? Well, kind of, if you want to overlook such niceties as script, costume design (you've never heard me rag on costume design before, it's true, but cloth painted to look like chain mail? Oh, come on now), plot, etc. These actors, who are actually not half bad, do the best they can with what they're given. But that isn't much at all. * 1/2

Robert S (us) wrote: I would argue this is the best war movie ever made. Heartbreaking, brutal, and at times eerily beautiful. Never dulls into emotionless procedure. The whole thing HURTS. And by contrast, the moments of humanity shining through become epic.

Ash M (ag) wrote: Best movie made about racism!

bill s (au) wrote: A real slow burn that takes forever to play out,just to damn boring.

Daniel H (ag) wrote: The replication of America in 1933 with its cars and music is decent. The characters of Jane Alexander and Rip Torn are laudable. Clint Eastwood's Lieutenant Speare character is a toned down version of Dirty Harry, and Burt Reynolds is just rehashing the Bandit, and a lot of the comedy relies on his smart-ass remarks and snappy lines. Richard Roundtree's character gets killed off too early in the film, which is bad, because he lends a cool smooth aura. Still, not a bad effort all around in this superficial comedy-actioner, which is good for laughs and killing time. For an even goofier and even more superficial view of the cops and gangsters period, there is Johnny Dangerously, but that's a different movie altogether.

Alfie P (kr) wrote: Silent Rage 1982, Norris vs a resurrected, indestructable serial killer killing machine. This is not the average Norris flick however there are plenty of martial arts including the famed roundhouse kicks. The concept makes for a weird film that in parts can feel like a horror movie in between Chuck kicking ass. Liked to see the moustache back.

Adam F (au) wrote: "Alfie" is a pretty good character study with good performances, some nice drama and a very strong soundtrack that's quite enjoyable. Jude Law does a good job playing the titular character, someone you end up liking not necessarily because he's a good guy, but because he feels like a genuine person, someone with some real flaws but someone that you can sympathize with because he's charismatic and isn't one dimensional. Just when you think you've got this guy figured out, he reveals another facet of his personality and when he breaks hearts, you understand that hey, this is just the kind of guy he is. When he himself gets hurt, you see that even someone who passes himself off as a total womanizer who doesn't want to get tied down at all might be just saying that to protect himself. There are a couple of scenes where the drama of the movie does become a bit too theatrical. The scenes with Nia Long for example almost always end up with the worst possible scenario presenting itself and those feel manufactured.The movie doesn't really have an over-arching plot to speak of. There are several relationships developed, characters are introduced and have a couple of scenes that interact with our main character and people fall in and out of love as the film unfolds. This is not the kind of movie where you get big defining moments, more like you get a few memorable scenes with good dialogue without anything "epic" ever really happening. The reason you want to see the movie is for the characters, the actors and the dialogue. You have to be ready to examine yourself and relate to the protagonist to enjoy the movie and feel like you've gained something once it's all over. Some of the other selling points are Marisa Tomei, Jane Krakowski and Sienna Miller (who has a small but very sexy role). If you want some light drama, some interesting relationships and want to see actors delivering while listening to great songs by Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart and John Powell pick up "Alfie" and give it a shot. (Fullscreen Dvd, April 13, 2013)

Paul D (it) wrote: An alternative Bounty but with plenty of merit by itself. The leads do a good job in making the story interesting.

Harry W (ag) wrote: Directed by Robert Redford and starring a powerful cast, Quiz Show sounded like an interesting look into television history. Quiz Show tells a very interesting story. It is built on strong roots from the get go thanks to the strength of its Academy Award nominated screenplay which is full of strong dialogue and characters, and it also makes an interesting story. While the concept of exposing a corrupt television station is not the most interesting story, Robert Redford manages to give it a lot of top notch direction which makes it an entertaining look back. Paul Attanasio??s screenplay amalgamates three years of scandal into a single story very well. Of course this means that the film takes creative licence with a lot of historical accuracy, but unlike in countless other films, this did not bother me. I didn??t leave Quiz Show with very many questions because the narrative in the film essentially answers everything you could ask, and while the conclusion of the story is perhaps not the most clearly clarified or satisfying, the reality of it is great. Robert Redford gives the best possible handling to the story in Quiz Show which really turns it into top notch entertainment which is compelling and thought provoking. The approach that the screenplay takes to the story is great because it is full of interesting characters, and the fact is that as the story progresses the focus constantly shifts between characters whom are all relevant to the character and key to the theme at their moment in time. It knows how to keep audiences involved and follows on with that consistently which allows a strong atmosphere to build up. Little dramatization is required in Quiz Show because everything unfolds with a natural sense of progression to it, but it manages to work as an extremely stylish piece at the same time.Robert Redford??s stylish direction on Quiz Show gives it visual excellence. He establishes the time of the film excellently with a keen eye for imagery which means he establishes every little detail for the scenery in the film. As well as using colourful locations, Robert Redford harnesses excellently detailed production design and costumes to bring the realism in the film to the surface. The visual style of Quiz Show is just beautiful and is packed with stylish imagery which is just unforgettable, and everything is captured with stylish and timely cinematography.The editing style of the film is also great because it edits quickly between the shots at a pace which is sensible and realistic while also quick enough to convey the level of stress in the atmosphere. It hits a high point during the scenes which depict the characters on the titular Quiz Show Twenty One as the scenes are appropriately tense in a realistic manner as well as being quick to the point and aided by the touch of a great musical score. Quiz Show is stylish in many ways, and it capitalises on Robert Redford??s vision extremely well.And the passionate dedication from the cast in Quiz Show is just amazing as the entire cast all do an exceptional effort.John Turturro is incredibly well detailed in the role of Herb Stempel. He looks the part very well and captures the tone of a certain kind of Jewish Nebbish along the lines of a Woody Allen character, but without making it a one-dimensional sort of comedy figure. He is able to create his own spirit for the part which has some slight undertones of comedy to it yet remain consistently dramatic. He puts the right level of neuroticism into the role which really easily projects the obsessive stress of Herb Stempel, and his characterization of the part is spot on. Quiz Show capitalises on all the best talents of John Turturro, and his performance is one of his finest to date.Ralph Fiennes is one of the most critically acclaimed actors of this generation, and in Quiz Show it is easy to see why. Instead of being in a high-profile character role, in Quiz Show he is able to bring his natural archetype over to the more small profile role of Charles Van Doren. He is able to use his iconic voice and British charm to express an intelligent demeanour in the role of Charles Van Doren which makes him a perfect fit for the role, and he handles the material of the script with excellent dramatic charisma. Ralph Fiennes is spot on inRob Morrow is really well involved in the material in Quiz Show. Tackling the role of Dick Goodwin, Rob Morrow puts a great sense of determined spirit into his role of Richard N. ??Dick?? Goodwin. His physical engagement in the film is great because he is so deep into character that he never steps out for a second, and his character development progresses really well as the film proceeds. Rob Morrow delivers all his lines very well and shares a powerful chemistry with the surrounding members of the cast which creates some intense moments, so his performance is pivotal to the success of the film.David Paymer does an excellent job portraying the corrupt and manipulative nature of Dan Enright. He has a certain level of cocky arrogance to him which makes him fit the profile easily, and the way that he commands his emotions to a really subtle extent is powerful. David Paymer makes a strong supporting performer in Quiz Show who shares some great interactions with the other cast members, particularly John Turturro, and his performance is key to the corporate exploration of the story.Paul Scofield??s role is good, although his screentime is hardly enough to warrant a nomination for an Academy Award. Hank Azaria plays his part with excellent involvement and Christopher MacDonald has prime voice articulation in his part. So Quiz Show may not have the most interesting concept, but Robert Redford is able to bring it to life with astoundingly stylish direction which harnesses the strength of a firm screenplay and an incredibly versatile cast.