Morons from Outer Space

Morons from Outer Space

The story begins on a small spaceship docking with a refueling station. On board are a group of four aliens, Bernard, Sandra, Desmond, and Julian. During a particularly tedious period of their stay at the station, the other three begin playing with the ship’s controls while Bernard is outside playing spaceball. They accidentally disconnect his part of the ship, leaving him stranded while they crash into a large blue planet close by (Earth).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sneezing,   alien,   space,  

The story begins when three aliens get a bit hacked off at their 'friend' Bernard, who keeps making a prat of himself playing space ball. It is while he is playing space ball that the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey P (br) wrote: Surprisingly more entertaining than I thought this would be. Anna Kendrick is fantastic.

Eugene F (de) wrote: A delightful genre cocktail (The Snapper meets Shaun of the Dead meets Val Lewton meets...) perfectly balancing moments of gut-wrenching laughter and gut-eating horror. Its depiction of a Dublin working-class family and a community riven by zombie plague effortlessly combines social analysis (tensions between family-community, omnivore vs. carnivore, abortion, medical research, the Catholic church, etc.) and an intelligent approach to genre bending. The gorgeous cinematography, top-notch acting, compact editing and masterful sound design belie the movie's indie credentials. It's totally enjoyable, engrossing, immersing you in a squalid Dublin working class netherworld infected with a communal bloodlust relieved only by ordinary human emotions. See this one. Zombie-movie aficionados will love its stomach-heaving set pieces; lovers of disturbing, psychological horror will appreciate its subtle night-terrors. Bailey offers you a plate of meat if that's what you require...but with a nice salad on the side. This and Terry McMahon's equally-impressive Charlie Casanova make a strong case for an Independent Irish cinema.

Jamie W (jp) wrote: If ever a movie screamed out for a prequel or sequel, it is Australia. Even with all of its technological flaws & continuity errors, the film is so dramatic and loaded with talent, that you are left wanting to know what happened before or next.

Joey F (jp) wrote: Pretty much just improves on everything the first one offered. Better story, better jokes, same lovable characters.

Micah F (it) wrote: At once scary and beautiful, this animated action/horror romp packs quite an impressive visual punch in its relatively modest runtime. If only the character development had been just as up to par, we could have had another modern masterpiece on our hands.

Jeffrey L (de) wrote: Another AMAZING Olsen twins film- whatever that means.

Sarah S (ca) wrote: funny, smart, romantic

Brian P (nl) wrote: Not a very good movie. I wouldnt ever watch this movie again.

Andrew R (es) wrote: Cheesy as all hell, but you name me another movie that's all about Capoeira.


Mickaw90 (mx) wrote: The story was good but something was missed. The cast was great.

Demetris H (fr) wrote: I realise this is considered a classic and all, and my opinion on martial art/samurai films has probably been affected by more recent releases, but I have to say that this film simply bored me. If you take away the OTT blood scenes and the silent posturing, all you are left with is average japanese acting and badly choreographed fight scenes. The pace is slow, with some scenes taking forever because its trying to emphasize an already highlighted fact. I have not seen the entire series, nor have I seen 'Shogun Assasin', therefore my opinon is based solely on this single viewing - and I was bored half way through.

Paul C (nl) wrote: Another great entry in the the "Lone Wolf + Cub" series, based on the popular and acclaimed manga. As with the rest of the series, it is both cheesy (blood fountains, James-Bondian babycart, etc) and artistic (blood fountains, moral shades of gray, beautifully shot, thoughtful) at the same time. This one throws in a topless assassin, though, as the story progresses, you feel more sympathy with her and get a sense of her motivation for using her unusual technique. If you've only seen the chopped version of the series, "Samurai Assassin", you really should catch the unedited films. You will be surprised at how good they are.

Uros T (kr) wrote: Makavejev interweaves fiction, documentary, and found audio and video clips (a Stalinist propaganda film, electro-shock treatment footage) to create a fantastically bizarre but intelligent discussion of both the orgone energy theory of Wilhelm Reich and the relationship between Yugoslavia and the USSR in a post-Stalinist era.

Steve G (kr) wrote: John Wayne had to play a "one-eyed fat man" before the Motion Picture Academy considered him worthy of an Oscar.

Lillian G (it) wrote: Fantastic. Romantic. Heroic. And funny too, in a brilliant British way! I've always loved The Scarlet Pimpernel, and this movie reminded me why. One drawback--the archaeology students formed a sort of boys' club, and a couple scenes had their punchlines at the women's expense. But I'll let that go because it was 1941.

Luca M (jp) wrote: Interesante historia (basada en un hcho real). Interesante espalda de Evans, it goes without saying...