Morrhår & ärtor

Morrhår & ärtor

Life isn't easy for the indecisive 40 year old Claes-Henrik. Should he choose his mom or his girlfriend?

A Comedy by Gösta Ekman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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einabou a (fr) wrote: it awesome know all the songs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah Abraham G (jp) wrote: Funny in places, "Rugrats Go Wild" is a film that doesn't work, primarily because the two shows don't really mesh together well. By far the most light-hearted and childish film in either series, "Rugrats Go Wild" is worth a watch as long as you're feeling nostalgic.

Price P (fr) wrote: While not truly exceptional, as a little kid this movie was like what "The Avengers" is now. As of now however there are many many faults in the film, but it's nostalgic feel is enough to get a true smile out of Power Ranger fans.

Allan C (gb) wrote: Creep factor is off the scale for this one. Subpar ending brought it down a star.

Anthony S (nl) wrote: I always like watching Orson Welles on the screen, but the movie is just blah.