Moscow, Belgium

Moscow, Belgium

‘Moscou’ is a densely populated working class neighbourhood on the outskirts of Ghent, Belgium. Matty, mother of three, bumps her car into a truck on the parking lot of a supermarket. Johnny climbs down from the cabin. He is infuriated by the dent in his front bumper and yells at Matty. Although impressed by the accident, Matty fights back with sharp words. Their discussion turns into a row, and the police have to intervene. Matty goes home, the trunk of her car dancing up and down. Back in her apartment, Matty takes a hot bath to recover from the afternoon’s emotionswhen the phone rings. It’s Johnny, apologizing for his behaviour on the parking lot. Matty tells him to stay out of her life. A dramatic comedy begins about a woman whose soul is full of dents and bruises.

Matty, a 41-year old mother of three with a husband in his midlife-crisis, meets 29-year old Johnny, a truck driver, who takes an interest in her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Na D (ca) wrote: This movie is surprising funny. The language is so great and the characters are so indiviudal and happy. Really nice to watch. An insider tip. I laughed all the time. GREAT. Highly recommended.

Iy O (br) wrote: i'll like love this movie so muchi can like watch it over and over again without getting bored=)

Heather M (us) wrote: Sure, it looks terrible. You have no reason to trust me when I advise you to give this one a go. But, Holy Goddess, this movie is my family and it cracks me up. Much better than one would expect.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Tibetan monks undergo a special mission searching for the reincarnated version of the great Buddhist lama in suburban Seattle. A couple other children are in consideration and in the end three children are all bestowed the honour. I guess that's what happens when it really is too close to call. Nicely shot but ultimately never achieves what it sets out to do, although is a sometimes interesting look into a different culture.

Kristen L (de) wrote: One of those movies that surprises you and leaves a mark long after viewing it. Definetly challenges the typical "ministry" and creates a stirring message that leaves you pondering about what is truly fair and right in our world.

Tom L (nl) wrote: Smokey and the Bandit III is the third and final film in the SATB trilogy. Yes, I used the term ??trilogy.?? If the freaking American Pie films can be referred to as a trilogy, then we can give SATB trilogy status too. After viewing SATB III late night on HBO recently, I can honestly say that not only is it the worst of the three films, this film can easily be called one of the worst films of all time. How bad was it? Burt Reynolds passed on it, and his 80??s films are harder to watch than the opening minutes of Saving Private Ryan. A terrible film. I??ve put in for a cornea transplant, because the suck that was this film will be forever burned into my eyes.

Carrie J (es) wrote: I was 9 years old when I saw this movie in the theatre and I can still remember the words to the theme song. Cried, laughed and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Aaron B (au) wrote: I fell asleep in the middle because I was running off of 2 hours of sleep from the night before, so I'll reserve full judgment on this movie until I see the whole thing. But what I saw was pretty good.

Adam D (jp) wrote: I think that I've seen this

Raul L (ru) wrote: Great film and with hollywoods finest actors ever.

Emily B (jp) wrote: An interesting premise. The period leading up to D-Day through the eyes of a young soldier, mixed with actual newsreel footage in between. I've always found anything to do with World World Two interesting so I thought the pieces of newsreel were fascinating. At times it's pretty hard to tell what is archive and what has been filmed especially for the film because they have done such a good job in recreating the style of the archive footage. The only downside is that I felt at times the narrative parts were a bit flat at times, with an unimpressive script and it took a while to get going. Considering the subject matter it's unsurprisingly not a feel good movie. Overall though, a very moving, and thought provoking film.

stefano l (it) wrote: An example of the worst scifi possible.