Moscowin Kaveri

Moscowin Kaveri


Moscowin Kavery (English: Moscow's Kaveri ) is a 2010 Tamil romantic drama film written and directed by cinematographer Ravi Varman, making his directorial debut, besides handling the cinematography. The film, which has lyrics written by Vairamuthu and music scored by Thaman, stars Rahul Ravindran and Samantha in the lead roles with Harshvardhan, Santhanam and Seeman essaying supporting roles. Releasing on 27 August 2010, after nearly three years of production, the film was ultimately panned by critics. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (mx) wrote: It's alrightee although full of cliches out of the same genre.

Tim M (au) wrote: A pregnant woman on the hunt for her husband uncovers something else. Amazing twist.

D G (es) wrote: Yeah this movie is a little slow and doesn't have the best productiona value BUT watching this reminds me of how much progress weve made as a people. Not too many years ago a movie about love from a gay man's perspective wouldn't jhave had a snowball's chance in hell of being made. Now even us gay folk can enjoy B movies:-)

Jeremy M (br) wrote: I think filming such poor people living beside the river had an impact on how they reacted. With a camera in their faces the true emotions weren't seen and most of the time they appeared nervous. They were obviously going through a massive change in their lifes and this was only captured in glimpses, in particular when the mother admitted that they were exploiting their daughter and her reluctance to do this. Some documentaries are able to capture the emotions of people, but for the most part this film was unable to do what it was aiming to acheive.

Harlan H (gb) wrote: Wow, just awful. Horribly cast. Ugh.

Chris D (us) wrote: oh, look....more seagal.

Emefa G (fr) wrote: good watch it watch it watch it

Logan M (es) wrote: The Zucker brothers followed up "Airplane!" with this outrageous farce that almost out does it.

Nathan C (kr) wrote: This is a very good film by the greatest director ever... or at least the coolest.

Brad S (kr) wrote: Can't go wrong with Bill Murray.

Laurent B (us) wrote: Un traitement original et russi du film de zombie, avec un duo d'acteurs trs attachants.

Molly R (de) wrote: I thought it was a good story and I liked the non-linear style.

Ryan S (nl) wrote: A bit dated, but still a hilarious film. A classic.

WK J (br) wrote: ahhh...Yul; stand over there and look pensive.

Raymond J (es) wrote: The movie is filled with excitement. Tina Fey is awesome.