Moskova'nin Sifresi Temel

Moskova'nin Sifresi Temel


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Jesse O (ru) wrote: Not a particularly good film, and all it does is serve to remind me how good Zoolander actually is, probably because it rips off so much of it without being nearly as funny. The scene where Mandom and Fantasy, in the club, decide to have a modelling competition with a judge is literally the same scene they did in Zoolander with David Bowie as the judge. I mean this film has its moments and the cast definitely seemed to be having fun doing what they were doing. But there's this feeling, right from the start, that this is a low-budget film with a low-budget look. This is apparent right from the VERY beginning and it's definitely a big negative, it wouldn't be a big negative if the movie was good, which it isn't so it is definitely a big negative. So I can't really see any context in which someone would want to watch this movie. I mean unless you worked on it or are friends/family of the cast and crew. Other than that, this movie kind of sucks.

Cynthia N (gb) wrote: Enjoyable but be prepared for an extremely leisurely pace. You will need a good glass of wine, and don't expect your husband to make it through! Aside from that, anything with Dench and Smith is worth watching. Beautiful cinematography and period detail.

Tiger S (mx) wrote: Run me through a meat grinder before I would watch these two.

Charlotte L (mx) wrote: Great film, though it was a little short and the ending (best friend actually turns out be a bit of a psycho) didn't really satisfy. I liked McGann's head to head's with his manager very amusing!

Leo L (fr) wrote: An interesting movie that follows one man's grief in losing his wife and embarking on a path set upon anger, revenge, and hatred. Great cast- Atul Kulkarni, Vasundhara Das, Om Puri, Kamal Hassan, Hema Malini, Naseeruddin Shah, Girish Karnad, Rani Mukherjee, and Shahrukh Khan. Worthy!

Bobby L (gb) wrote: An almost good, but pointless and meandering comedy.

Ms Amanda J (ru) wrote: Raul Julia stole the show with his uh...voice. Yeah. The millions of interviews from Laura Harring (who played his wife in The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory) will tell ya - Raul Julia was a major presence and made such use of the actor's technique he made Harring want to stick with acting and leave her pageant dreams behind. I saw all of that here first prior to reading several interviews where she praised the fine actor. That said, the three main leads weren't too bad but Raul Julia is the reason I would see this again.

arif b (fr) wrote: saatler srse de kendisini izletiyor, kamaz.

Alexander W (de) wrote: Pretty funny and imaginative, but hardly any tension. The Japanese title is "Panda Kopanda", meaning "Panda, and Baby Panda".

Lotti K (it) wrote: Great, pulpy, Southern stuff.

Dada N (nl) wrote: I enjoy with this film