Mosku - lajinsa viimeinen

Mosku - lajinsa viimeinen

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Matthew Y (kr) wrote: Shallow thriller that lacks a layer of deep deceit... but nonetheless well acted and watchable

kyo 9 (gb) wrote: Not so scary.. but the visual effect is on par with hollywood!

Rich S (mx) wrote: While it is suspenseful enough and definitely captures the eeriness of the Fields, there is far too much important information missing and far too much useless dreck included. The performances are excellent, but the script itself clearly needed a few more rewrites. With some tightening, focus and a clear vision, this film could have been groundbreaking rather than just dumped and left for dead.

Sameer K (de) wrote: Not nearly as bad as everyone says. But still pretty bad. The first mistake was believing that Taylor Kitsch could be a leading man. He cannot. If there were a better lead actor, this movie might have been a hit. Of course, all of its story elements and stylistics have been copied by films like Star Wars, so it's hard to tell if it would truly ever resonate with audiences who already know its imitators.

Jordy P (br) wrote: An Argentinean chick flick movie!! les barre a las gringas..

Leah G (us) wrote: Decent movie. Tyrone & Maureen have great chemistry too.

Alex W (es) wrote: What a performance from Denzel, and what great writing. A must see film that keeps you constantly guessing.

Michael A (ru) wrote: Good movie if you can get past the awful acting.

Mehran R (fr) wrote: Kiarostami once again splits up reality. The earthquake was a tragic event in the history of Iran and this movie delves into the lives of those involved.Watch this film and see how the great divide between film and documentary should look.

Connie S (gb) wrote: So, so. This movie has its moments, but for the most part is a little on the slow side. Don't get me wrong, plenty of blood and craziness going on, but would have appreciated a slightly faster pace. Good for a "movie night" with friends.

(de) wrote: If it wasn't for the robots (WTF????), and the painfully overwritten lines of an absurdly dogmatic persuasion, then this would otherwise be nothing more than an interminable series of mildly rousing montages. There are some unintentionally funny bits though, and Dolph's "Ivan" showcases the best and worst of all Rocky's opponents.

Bryan G (mx) wrote: This is an excellent, highly detailed story of a cop who is executed and his partner who has strong guilt. The actors are all great in this film adaption which tries to stay as true as possible to the real life incident.

David C (gb) wrote: Annie Potts rocks in this film! So many cool things about this film, and if you want to see "old" Las Vegas, it's all here!!

Darryl S (ru) wrote: This is one of those "time capsule" films: Wholly a product of its era -- or "error," as some disenfranchised souls may say. The 1970's was a great decade for filmmaking, and although this was all the rage in 1975 (even garnering a supporting actress Oscar for Lee Grant -- which is scandalous, considering she was up against two tremendous perfs from the Altman masterpiece "Nashville": Lily Tomlin and Ronee Blakely), it just does not hold up to contemporary scrutiny. It's all very amusing and rambunctious for the first half, then it becomes a dour social commentary by its end. Really, the main reason to view this film is simply to see how young and beautiful Warren and Goldie and Julie were -- and reminisce about the good-ol'-days.... :D

Libby T (ru) wrote: I really freaky movie. It kept my interest but didn't scare me.

Alex S (br) wrote: Nicolas Winding Refn's typical unique atmosphere and sense of imagery makes Valhalla Rising better than it would be in other hands, and it feature a subtle performance from Mads Mikkelen. However, the movie is often slow and makes 90 minute runtime feel much longer. In addition, the movie seems to focus on unnecessarily graphic violence that it prefers over a good script