After two failed marriages a science fiction writer decides that coming to terms with his mother will improve his chances for a successful relationship, so he moves in with her.

A neurotic, twice divorced sci-fi writer moves back in with his mom to solve his personal problems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lwoodsky C (gb) wrote: Good laugh, the drama had a kicked to it. It was fun to wash, and kept you on your feet. Decent movie.

Michael O (fr) wrote: Charming, if not predictable, story with nice turns by Anna Paquin & Breckin Meyer...

walter m (ag) wrote: For me. This simply was the best Punisher made. Gritty and Gruesome with sense of moronic humor. Now what does this say about my taste, or does it say more about the Punisher's that came before...TERRIBLE. Mind you minus the music driven kill scenes from John Wick which proved successful, there are certainly similarities in tone and shade between the two. The biggest difference being $$$ in the end. I often feel that in regards to a film like John Wick and The Punisher, we often forget the importance that a sound track can really make on the visual impact on a film and the choreography of both.For me a good example of a film that could have been better not by re shoot, but just by better editing and a much better sound tack and respect to the original is The Wild Wild West. Will Smith aside, that is another story.So, if you have not seen it...give it a try... and then think about the last Fantastic Four....LOL

Kat S (ca) wrote: Haha another bizarre film with characters who are not exactly relate-able but at least you can understand them. I wouldn't really want to re-watch this movie, but it has enough deep meaning that there is still a mystique to it.

Megan S (ca) wrote: I actually enjoyed this movie. I admit I did have to start it over once about 10 minutes into the movie because I wasn't really paying attention and so I didn't know what was going on. The character of Johnny did make me uncomfortable though with how posessive and pushy he seemed to be. It certainly wasn't a brilliant movie but it was quirky.

Michael D (fr) wrote: Droll comedy about a trio of artistic misfits and their struggles to eke out an existence in, where else, Paris. Another enjoyable Kaurismaki but perhaps not quite up there with his best.(edit - just rewatched this and it's magnificent - glorious cinematography, brilliant performances, funny and moving. Pff... some critics eh)

FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: The first one I've seen of this series and it will be the last.

Christopher B (br) wrote: A classic - teachers the way we wish they had been.

Orlok W (fr) wrote: Brian De Palma Offers Plenty Of Laughs--Quick and Wacky gangster-snack!!

Sharon S (mx) wrote: Excellent classical musical with an all star cast