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Mother Nanny


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Nikolas G (de) wrote: a prison drama from Romania , silver bear in Berlin

Devon B (mx) wrote: I know it's an American problem but with how closely Canada tries to emulate America, it's only a matter of time before this begins to bleed into Canada.

Ammar A (us) wrote: There isn't much of a plot; the story never takes off as such. Very typical and predictable stuff. The guy in the film talks about 'originality' in films: that's exactly what's lacking here. Even low budget films are supposed to keep you entertained for a while.

Nekoshema L (au) wrote: man, i love this movie, love the music, the senery everything. be warned it's not for everybody, don't watch it if you have a probem with a 13 year old falling in love with his 35 year old gay teacher, or sex senes.

Simon M (br) wrote: WHY WHY WHY?! Why did I see this in the theatre?

Luiserghio M (ru) wrote: Esta es una obra maestra de Almodovar, se puede ver como es un maestro de la camara, un escritor virtuoso, un muy buen director y alguien que tiene un gran control de la narrativa. La fusin de la imagen con la musica es muy buena, se siente como si ambas estuvieran bailando a lo largo de la pelicula. Si alguien me pregunta como Antonio Banderas alcanzo tanta fama, mi respuesta seria que vieran esta pelicula, todo en el grita movie star aqui, lastima que no pudo tener ese impacto en el cine de Hollywood. Carmen Maura da una actuacin deliciosa aqui, como una transexual, es muy divertida, y brilla en sus escenas dramaticas. La ley del deseo no es una pelicula para cualquier persona, es una pelicula muy compleja, Almodovar desnuda el tema, muestra la naturaleza del deseo, de que se es capaz por este, toca temas muy controversiales y los toca de una forma muy humana, pero Pedro sabe como entretener tambin, y uno no se da cuenta por momentos, debido a que la pelicula es entretenida, lo brutalmente honesto que es en ocaciones, no solo con sus deseos sexuales, sino es personal para Almodovar, mostrando sus altos y bajos con uno de sus mas fuertes deseos, el escribir. Muestra las etapas, razones y consecuencias del deseo, brillante!"No te ensaes conmigo Pablo, soy muy vulnerable y muy imperfecta"

John R (kr) wrote: 150226: Any movie that features a Klingon Bird of Prey is an automatic 3.5. Add in some great humour and characters and there's your 4. Who would've known, a day after watching this film, I'd learn of Leonard Nimoy's death. Occurred the day I watched it. RIP Leonard/Spock. No sequel this time.

Stefan G (au) wrote: I actually think this was better than Disney's version of Tarzan, because here, the animals, though they were animatronic, really do come alive in this movie. The plot is more of a statement that if you were raised by animals from childhood to adulthood, you'll always be an animal. The background music is not too bad, and the characters all perform quite well. Either way, for a movie that came 15 years before Disney's adaptation, I feel it does a better service to Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel than Disney's own film.

Keith H (us) wrote: A good little made for TV horror.

Tatsuhito K (mx) wrote: After watching the first 15 minutes, I quickly figured out that this is going to be a personal revenge thriller rather than cerebral, suspenseful espionage film. As Jack Ryan, Harrison Ford proves that he's a solid actor and there are some quietly gripping sequences, especially the climactic shootout is very well-done. But it is slow at times and many of the characters are not quite interesting. Patriot Games is not without moments. It's an average and mildly entertaining espionage film.

Peter P (us) wrote: This movie makes me sad, but only in the fact that they never made any more of them, cause I am a huge Remo Williams fan. I watched this as a kid and loved it, the story, action and characters of Remo and Chun always make me laugh, (I have been a life long Fred Ward fan ever since). I was able to show this to my daughters, and now they love it too. So that is why it always comes with a twinge of sadness when I watched it, cause I would have loved a few more movies to see where they took the characters. Too bad.

forcebucket B (it) wrote: This is the best superman movie ever, which is very sad.

Jamie d (jp) wrote: A feel good movie about love and friendship