Mother Of George

Mother Of George

A story about a woman willing to do anything and risk everything for her marriage.

Adenike and Ayodele, a Nigerian couple living in Brooklyn, are having trouble conceiving a child - a problem that defies cultural expectations and leads Adenike to make a shocking decision that could either save or destroy her family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Owen B (fr) wrote: Considering it's directed by the guy who created Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Movie 43, I didn't have much hope for it, but that might actually be why I thought it was good. I only had one problem with the movie, and it's that it doesn't really separate itself from any other film like it, but it's still fun to watch and enjoy. It certainly wouldn't be up for any Oscars, but if you're looking for a film to settle down with at night with your kids, I'd recommend this one.

Giovanni M (ru) wrote: About Alex has a substantial amount of talent and they all play their roles well, but the similarities to The Big Chill are at times overwhelming.

Kester E (de) wrote: Seediq Bale is a cinematography work of art and story-telling.

Dana A (ca) wrote: This was a true delight. A surprisingly quirky, funny and unique film. You wasn't sure what direction it was going, which only made it that more pleasent. Completely unpredictable and great entertainment. This movie was simply hilarous and random that due to its sweet nature it somehow worked. Loved the unique plot, the acting was great and just the overall experiance. Really surprised how much I enjoyed this film.

Dr A (ag) wrote: Is this Bollywood? Trailer and poser looks like it. Then the only reason I wish to see it is because of the Buzkashi. Bollywood doesn't interest me anymore... the trailer represents characters too well groomed for Afghanistan...

Muhammad O (fr) wrote: The concept was quite interesting. A girl start hearing thoughts of other people. But that's scary, imagine you have GF who can read your thoughts.. man! that's gonna be hell.

Amanda K (au) wrote: It looks interesting...

Garrett I (fr) wrote: how can the critics dog this??? inspiring and interesting.

Oktay D (nl) wrote: For Paul Newman fans!

Mark A (mx) wrote: What do I want from a period french action film? Swashbuckling swordfights - check. Inconceivable yet compelling storyline - check. Riders thundering through picturesque countryside - check. Gratuitous glimpse of bottom belonging to borderline underage girl - check. Incestuous undertones - too right.This is no classic of French cinema, but it's fun, thrilling and Auteil gets to show his immense versatility as an actor again. They've built a whole industry on it, you know.

Justin B (au) wrote: In a clear attempt to duplicate the know-it-all charm of Ferris Bueller, with the smirking asides and penchant to buck against the system, career opportunities succeeds at giving that character a more complete personal arc but fails pretty much everywhere else. Unlikable and unfunny; one of the movies only truly redeeming qualities is the almost angelic presence of a young Jennifer Connelly

Charlie G (es) wrote: What can you say. Seen it.

Daniel V (au) wrote: UPDATE: Every time I see this, I want to love it. I always end up with the same feeling, it's cool enough. I love the 1933 Original, was fascinated as a child of the 1976 Jeff Bridges/Dino Dilaurentis Crapfest and LOVE Peter Jackson as a filmmaker. So this should've been a home run for me. But I guess I'll take the a 2-Run ground rule double. OG REVIEW: Anytime Kong is on screen, breathtaking and entertaining. That big ape, gorilla, monkey whatever is an amazing feat. However, every scene not involving the King is either boring or just too long. Watts is gorgeous and talented. Black is a perfect overactor for this role but everyone else is average at best. It did not need to 3+ hours nor did it need an extended cut!

Gabriel Arthur P (kr) wrote: This was an interesting Tom Cruise vehicle. It's just cerebral enough to hold my attention. It's just believable enough to keep me from hitting the "stop" button. All the action was filmed very well, all the driving was filmed just right as well. Everything was filmed just right. The production is really high quality of course, exactly what you expect from a film starring Tom Cruise, but also the camerawork was not shoddy. And shoddy camerawork can happen to anyone's film. What drags this film down is the cliches. Everything that happens is cliche. Not entirely formulaic, but enough that the cliches are all seated nicely in their rows in the theatre of formula and that it really gets very boring really quick. You watch because it's fascinating, not because it's entertaining. Like watching a train wreck in slow motion. 3/5

Quincy T (br) wrote: Axe swinging and syrup splashing montage. The title pretty much tells the story, there are some killings in the wood and that's pretty much it. This so called massacre is presented by the antagonist whose blows are powerful enough to make a fountain of blood from any victim he meets. While hemorrhaging is no joke, it seems everyone has tendency to squirt liters of blood from the slightest touch. The excessively low budget gore is occasionally creepy, but mostly ironically ridiculous. Nevertheless, it has at least a little entertainment value.A group of people go to a forest and meet with gruesome fate. Honestly, no one in the group is even remotely likeable. Either they suddenly encounter the threat and proceed to usual frantic screaming, or the movie invests too much time on shallow characters. One particular female is so hostile, her entire dialogues consist of argument. This is very bizarre, especially when she still argues in the moments where her survival is at stake. At some points I thought she might just debate with the villain.Other characters are overzealous, lacking logic or too meek. None of them feel as though they are genuinely facing authentic dangerous scenario with the villain gradually approaching. Scenes are poorly done, mainly because the editing is choppy. Almost the entire time the characters are shown standing randomly and awkwardly delivering the lines. Furthermore, it feels the screenplay misses a couple of scenes or lacking consistency, but audience probably wouldn't lose much anyway.The effect is laughably over-the-top. Expect too much cheap blood spewed on the screen. It really doesn't matter what the cause is, these people will bleed. It only takes a simple jab and one of them starts to vomit blood until their hair and clothes are covered with it. This silly execution might just serendipitously work in in their favor as comedy effect.The Redwood Massacre is unoriginal and shallow, even to the point of unintentionally funny, but the rigid slasher premise or silly antic might just deliver a few chuckles.