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Mothman torrent reviews

WS W (kr) wrote: Formulaic, forced, exaggerating, shallow, outrageous.

Grant T (mx) wrote: beethovens story in song. great film. oldman is great in this one.

SV G (es) wrote: An 80s flick with lots of 80s peeps in it. Nice performance by Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy as the rich boy/poor girl couple, and Ben Stiller as his best friend. What was surprising here was Viggo Mortensen as the very bad guy. There was nothing fresh about the story - it's been told many times, and as 80 films go this would not be at the top 10, but over all a fair little film.

Private U (de) wrote: An inspiration throughout High School.

Charles P (de) wrote: Kind Hearts and Coronets is a scathing satire on the British classes as well as being a sophisticated and clever comedy with a touch of murder.

Lovro H (ru) wrote: I really like parkour and I thought this movie is going to be awesome! And honestly it was pretty good! Filled with intense moments, action and parkour. The story was blank, there wasn't much told exactly but the movie itself is pretty good! The parkour lovers will enjoy it a lot, but others might not enjoy it so much.