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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1998
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Motive torrent reviews

Tim D (au) wrote: Started off ok but as the film went on it got poorer and poorer. The acting was pretty bad and it turned pretty cheesy nearer the end. There was no horror whatsoever and the film made the bad guys to seem like monsters or something like that then seemed to have second thoughts and just decided they'd be normal people instead. Very strange film and writing. The end leaves it open for a sequel, let's hope it's never made

Magnus D (de) wrote: Stark film, men med mediokert skdespeleri...

Lilianetty l (nl) wrote: I loved the animation of this film, remind me of APPLESEED and of course, some of the characters were kind of similar to the ones in FINAL FANTASY 8th and ADVENT CHILDREN. The story is like playing a video game, but is somehow useless, since the message of the film is: 'don't create robots or your country will suffer of hunger' It sounds crazy and unhuman, but humans can destroy their creation (robots/viruses) and not suffer of anything. Anyway, this is about the film, not of what I think of humanity, right? Enjoy: Plot: Japan's UN want's to live in private, no way in or out. But the SWORD company from US will do anything to get in and check what they are hiding bellow the map. In short words: they created a virus which may make you invinsible, but still you will be called android, not human or in any case, animal. Stars for these interesting plot? One only. Music: I skip again the acting part, since no matter the langua....YOU KNOW ALREDY XD Stars for the score, which was AWESOME AND STUNNING! To end this very short review (sometimes the film was slow and without rythm, but other times went so fast, you did not wanted it to end) 3 & a half stars of 5. Enjoy my review and remember, HASTA LA PROXIMA AMIGOS/AS!!! CHAO!!!!!! VIVA EL ANIME/MANGA/7TH ART!!!!!!!!!!!

Luis H (ca) wrote: Well, i need to see it again. Sure I was expecting more fight scenes between the two main guys but there was only one. Thats fine. It's a really dark movie that involves chasing this real badass guy who's trying to protect this girl and really crazy, violent stuff happens.

Nikki D (ca) wrote: Good effort but not outstanding. Enjoyable, but not engaging.

Jonah P (de) wrote: this movie's hilarious lol you all gots to see it!!

Amy S (gb) wrote: I saw part of it on TV, and it made me want to see the rest.

Chelsea H (es) wrote: Why do they list the starring cast so incorrectly? Nick Cage and Tommy Lee Jones are the main characters. And it was hilarious!!! I say watch this with friends and laugh at the really cheesy one liners!

kostas t (ag) wrote: gouestern perissotero omws kwmwdia me enan aksexasto Wayne!!!!!!!!

Ruthie J (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all times.

Derrick M (br) wrote: Amazing story, well told and carefully done. Great performances

Melanie D (kr) wrote: The critics hated this film, audiences were torn (it's one of those love it or hate it types), and me? I was on the love it side, all the way. In fact, I loved it so much that I named one of my cats Frankie! hehe There isn't anything I didn't like about the film. The actors were great (not Daniel Day-Lewis or Meryl Streep great, but still very good), the story was interesting, the visuals were beautiful, and, to top it all off, it's got a bitchin' soundtrack, featuring Chumbawamba (no, not *that* song), Massive Attack, Bjrk and David Bowie, and with a score written in part by The Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan. It's a great movie with a great message. Plus, it's got Gabriel Byrne playing a disturbingly sexy priest. He alone would have made the movie, so the fact that it's awesome is just plain gravy, hehe. So, obviously, it gets a big ol' 10/10 from me.