Moto 5: The Movie

Moto 5: The Movie

From the creators of the epic film series 'MOTO The Movie', The Assignment Inc. is proud to present their latest and most anticipated installment to the film franchise, MOTO 5. Without reservation this is by far the biggest and baddest of the MOTO The Movie films. Tag along with upcoming star Cooper Webb as he escapes to the exclusive Chaney Ranch to reflect on his first season as a pro; watch Tyler Bereman hone his bike skills in the Washingon Dunes and SoCal hills; see how Adam Cianciarulo shadows Ryan Villopoto in hopes of becoming one of the greats; go on a sand-blasting, soul-searching journey into the desert with X-Games superstar Ronnie Renner; watch Zach Osborne train to be one of the most diverse MX and off-road riders on the planeth

From the creators of the epic film series MOTO The Movie, The Assignment Inc. is proud to present their latest and most anticipated installment to the film franchise, MOTO 5. Without ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Moto 5: The Movie torrent reviews

Heather W (ca) wrote: pretty good actually

Nguyen Thuy H (mx) wrote: I didn't like Kill List, which I thought to be trite, excessive and unoriginal, but Sightseers is a great film. In Kill List, the director had tried to drive home the idea that those who claim themselves to be on a sabbatical are just murderers, really. But the idea couldn't come alive in Kill List because the writing was too poor and inadequate. Sightseers, on the other hand, was supplemented with a fantastically detailed script. It might even have made a case for a furious critique of modern English social moores, had it not been so absorbed with its two ridiculous characters.

Hatta H (nl) wrote: Was really good! Better than the previous ones. No poor me moments from the lead.

Eduardo S (ca) wrote: muy buena! ms que recomendada

Mariano P (kr) wrote: Una verdadera obra de arte del cine moderno, un gran comienzo de Andy Samberg en la carrera de la pelotudez.

Matthew J (gb) wrote: Disgusting, hard to watch, hard to tolerate. In other words, one of the better Troma films.

JB R (us) wrote: Excellent second film from Scorsese and his first for a studio (AIP) produced by Roger Corman. Easily the best of the Corman depression era-gangster-exploitation films made to cash in on the success of "Bonnie and Clyde". Scorsese quickly transcends the exploitation premise and makes a stirring and action-packed drama. He has so many artistic ideas the film feels as if it is going to burst at the seems. Great performances from everyone, especially the gorgeous Barbara Hershey and the always awesome David Carradine.

Pamela O (us) wrote: Three great dark stories from world famous Director's Roger Vadim, Louis Malle, and Frederico Fellini.

Dave M (es) wrote: Its PROPER Thunderbirds - so it must be great. Its in the Geneva Convention to love Thunderbirds - I think.

Martin T (us) wrote: How do you review a film that you don't understand at all? Lots of tedious, wordy dialogues with no sense of context whatsoever, I only had the barest idea what was going on or what anyone was talking about. Scenes jump from one time period to another without warning, and I didn't know what was happening when or who anyone was. It just confused the hell out of me, and furthermore it's all done in such a minimalist style that it's painfully dull. It's just a bunch of people you never get to know, spilling words out of their mouths as fast as they possibly can. But maybe it's my fault? Maybe I'm too dumb to figure it out, or wasn't paying close enough attention. Maybe I'm getting too conventional as I get older.

Cresswell S (fr) wrote: average secret service actioner.

Matt H (ca) wrote: Kind of ridiculous, but pretty great as well. Kirk Douglas is a sorely underrated actor/star. I've read this is his favorite role, and I can kind of see why; a lot of his movies have him portrayed as a tough, rugged individualist, and this is like the pinnacle for that type of character and film.

Chucky (au) wrote: August 17th 2011September 2nd -3rd 2016

Heather M (jp) wrote: Purcell was great in this. The story is a bit corny, but it is worth a watch for fans of good B movies.

David J (it) wrote: If not for fantastic fight choreography, "Ip Man" would fail to rise above the rest of the mediocre, poorly-written martial arts films.

Andrew S (nl) wrote: Triggering our age of high-stakes secrecy, explosive news leaks and the trafficking of classified information, WikiLeaks forever changed the game. Now, in a dramatic thriller based on real events, the film reveals the quest to expose the deceptions and corruptions of power that turned an Internet upstart into the 21st century's most fiercely debated organization. The story begins as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his colleague Daniel Domscheit-Berg team up to become underground watchdogs of the privileged and powerful. On a shoestring, they create a platform that allows whistleblowers to anonymously leak covert data, shining a light on the dark recesses of government secrets and corporate crimes. Soon, they are breaking more hard news than the world's most legendary media organizations combined. But when Assange and Berg gain access to the biggest trove of confidential intelligence documents in U.S. history, they battle each other and a defining question of our time: what are the costs of keeping secrets in a free society-and what are the costs of exposing them?

Guye J (ca) wrote: This 1994 movie is really deep and a classic! This movie reminds me of the movie "Brooklyn Finest" about the corruption within the police force. I like how the young Ice Cube had the "fuck the police" attitude!

Movie F (au) wrote: This film definitely had its over the top action sequences, but in no way did that stop it from being a damn good, high octane movie. There are a lot of great performances in this film, including; Nicholas Cage, John Cusack, John Malkovich, Colm Meany, Steve Buscemi, Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo, and not to mention a funny cameo with Don S Davis. "Con-Air" brings forth a lot of funny moments, lots and lots of explosions to keep the entertainment high. Its yet another great film from Jerry Bruckheimer and is a great action flick for the collection.Overall this film has a great plot, great cast, and the script was well written, with its fair share of one liners.