Motorista Sem Limites

Motorista Sem Limites

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Motorista Sem Limites torrent reviews

Roxanne C (kr) wrote: Good effects with the kangaroos wow, Lots of blood and gore !

Brian S (us) wrote: The dialogue is hilarious, costumes are awesome, and the sets constructed to ridiculous perfection. This movie is a triple threat!

Tengku Z (us) wrote: A little too desperate?

Carl P (jp) wrote: An Australian film, based around the fictional 80's boy band "Boy Town".Several years after their hey day, one of their members, Bobby G (Played by Kath & Kim's Glenn Robbins) decides to reform the band to recapture their past glory. Initially this fails, as the younger generation sees the band as somewhat of a joke. The band decides to then write and perform new songs for their "mature" age group (uch as "Picking the kids up from school") which is an untapped market. They become a raging success again, and embark on a world tour.This is a very funny film - with lots of satire about the music industry, and manufactured pop bands, with lots of none-to-subtle references to a lot of bands from New Kids On The Block to Milli Vanilli! At times it also invokes images of "This Is Spinal Tap". The songs have nonsensical lyrics, and at the same time hilarious, as are the music videos. There are also some sentimental moments in the film, such as why the band broke up in the first place, the relationship between two of the singers, and one of their wives, and also trying to start again.

brandon P (de) wrote: This movie was much better then beauty shop, the dialogue was better,and the plot was more exciting than beatuy shop. Monique is always an obnoxious chick in any role. I do think she has more range as an actress than she is given credit for, but she as basically herself, is too damn funny for much else. She shines in this flick as peaches a chick running for the IRS, and reunites with her long estranged sister. Funny, charming, and all around entertaining. I would recommend this over "Beauty Shop". Hair show is just more funny, has more of an edge.

Ruth L (es) wrote: This was a beautiful movie; loved the folksy songs. See it if you can

WS W (gb) wrote: An average (even with some freaky, fun scenario here & there) French con-movie in the 1990s.

Prodigy W (mx) wrote: Excellent but after learning Kaurismaki is the director, it comes as no surprise.

Keith H (de) wrote: One of the best lines a man could give when hes on top of pamela anderson with his shirt off and pants open and his girl finds him macking wif her...."honey its not what it looks like"...

TTT C (mx) wrote: (****): Thumbs Up Smart and darkly funny. Well-written and directed.

Tamsin G (au) wrote: one of the best and most disturbing musicals ever. A work of genius