Robert Bresson plumbs great reservoirs of feelings with one of the most searing portraits of human desperation ever put on film.

Mouchette is a young girl living in the country. Her mother is dying and her father does not take care of her. Mouchette remains silent in the face of the humiliations she undergoes. One ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luc L (kr) wrote: A documentary which focus the psychologic burden on soldiers.

Durga A (jp) wrote: Self-centered Playboy Sriram Venkat(Imran) is a Tam-Bram because he has a Tamil name with a mimic family and an architect by unknown miracle.Environmentalist/activist/midwife to both human and goat aka NGO(Never guessable occupation)type Dia Sharma(Kareena)is charming Punjabi girl and prefers to be prim and proper anytime despite of her circumstances because she cares for the Nation.The story unfolds as Sriram tries to convince Vasuda (Shraddha)who loves someone else(Kamal with turban)to marry him by revealing his past love story with Dia. It back shots and he ends up as Run away Groom.The long marathon takes him from Urban to rural setting where he builds a bridge to persuade Dia to return.The 148 mins of movie fluctuates between high and low graph of pretend romance with extreme backgrounds.The dialogues produce some laughing moments but stay microseconds compared to the hourly drag. Imran is care-free and mastered his sleep-inducing expressions whereas Bebo is dashing on screen but similarity kills the demeanor and the intermittent slapping on forehead proves her regret.Shraddha is simple and looks best.Anupam kher passes clean act with shaven legs.Talking about music track they start with "dhat teri ki" use "chingam chabake" followed by "tooh".Most of it are noisy as well as engaging for parties but not lingering.Gori tere pyar mein is large,lengthy and leaves your mind by end of the day!

Richie W (it) wrote: A german film called two lives - guess what it could be about and, latest, your second guess will be correct for sure (it's about an ex-stasi spy). Don't get me wrong - this is a good film with great actors and a very interesting story, but somehow german cinema to me seems to be either stupidly funny or hardcore-dramatic, with no in-betweens. this film surely belongs to the latter category, and while it also features great pictures and well-developed characters, one cannot help wondering, "did i have to see this one", afterwards.

jaso n (fr) wrote: Surprisingly Fantastic! A witty love story with some unique and original characters. I have to say this film is not what I thought it would be and I am glad to say it. I'm telling you, if your in the mood for a good love story this one takes the cake!!!

Jacob F (au) wrote: Here Schrader uses a more sinister and I'd venture realistic path to show a descent into the same sort of hell he displayed in the far more extreme and serious "Hardcore:" comedy. The film is strongest when it's about Crane's, Kinnear at his slimy best, increasing sex addiction, but the film instead veers off into being both something of a biopic and a history lesson about early video technology.

RA L (ru) wrote: PAN AND SCAN. Slida y satisfactoria propuesta de Hal Hartley, quien una vez ms crea un pequeo universo de personajes que encarnan lo mundano, lo absurdo y lo grandilocuente con sorprendente soltura. Pelcula harto subvalorada. / Solid and satisfactory offer by Hal Hartley, who once again creates a small universe of characters who embody the mundane, the absurd and the grandiose with amazing ease. Way underrated film.

Becky B (br) wrote: I think I remember seeing this one. I think it was a bit like 'my dog skip' and was sad..

Collin B (kr) wrote: Music was good until that one song where the kid does magic. The whole movie is a mess.

Jake D (gb) wrote: This movie was very funny. It started off with a strong opening, and in the middle it becomes a bit cliche, but by the end it's still funny. Nicolas Cage, and Sarah Jessica Parker both give good performances as the two leads a couple who hit a rough patch do to what seems like a lack of commitment, but when all seems lost Cage proposes that they get married in Vegas immediately, upon arrival James Caan shows up, and notices Parker's character and how she looks exactly like his dead wife, after devising a scheme to get her the movie really gets a bit crazy, but it entertains. This is not the best performance from any of these actors, but they do wonders with the material given to them, and it really turns out to be a fun time, plus there a lot of great Elvis jokes, that don't suck ass. (Not a huge Elvis fan personally, but a lot of jokes about him really suck). Good movie it's a good rom com that came out before they all started to suck ass.

Ash D (ru) wrote: Worst mistake of my life.

Stuart P (au) wrote: A superb entry into the Bond canon. Mikkelsen is superb.