Mounam Pesiyadhe

Mounam Pesiyadhe

Mounam Pesiyadhe (Tamil: மெளனம் பேசியதே;(English: Silence Spoke) is a 2002 Indian Tamil romantic drama film, directed and written by Ameer Sultan, making his directorial debut. It stars Suriya, Trisha, newcomers Nandha and Mahaa and choreographer-turned-actor Anju Mahendra in supporting roles along with several other newcomers, while Laila Mehdin appears in a cameo role during the climax. The film, released on December 13, 2002 and turned out to be an average one at the box office.

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myles o (br) wrote: funny but i didn't see it all

Ryan R (ru) wrote: Though I take issue with the third act, the movie is taut and compelling for its short duration.

Nicholas N (es) wrote: Fantastic movie. Seen it about 8 years ago and forgot all about it until I saw it on Sundance (edited). I want it on dvd.

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