Two stumblebum inheritors are determined to rid their antique house of a mouse who is equally determined to stay where he is.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mouse,   factory,   bathtub,  

Two stumblebum inheritors are determined to rid their antique house of a mouse who is equally determined to stay where he is. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul C (au) wrote: Fun French take on the "crazy country family" horror subgenre. Not many likeable characters amongst the potential victims, though - this could be a negative or a plus, depending upon your point of view. A slow build, but a decent pay-off. The real attraction here is Vincent Cassel having fun in his role as the rather creepy groundskeeper (though the makeup does make him look a bit like "Nigel Thornberry").

Gene C (de) wrote: This is a great movie.

Fred M (nl) wrote: Parte del familiar sentimiento que invade las noches de la infancia. El miedo a un ente malvado acechando en la oscuridad, debajo de la cama. Y recurre a uno de los objetos de mayor poder potico para nuestra especie a travs del tiempo: la puerta. 7/10: Muy Buena.

Alex W (nl) wrote: Holocaust deniers are endlessly interesting. turns out the guy was pretty much a hack on all accounts

Landon B (jp) wrote: "Serial Mom" is a fantastic social statement. This movie is hilariously dark and shockingly sad, and, due to the graphic nature of the subject, you bounce between horrified and delighted. This movie, I can tell, was John Waters' way to explain societies over-glorification of violence. A scene in particular near the end where a boy is burned alive during a rock concert (the fire of course started by Kathleen Turner) is then victimized by the band and general audience who applaud as he is burning before them. I've heard people say that the gore is simply too much for the movie to be enjoyable, and if you agree with that, then you have missed the point completely. You're supposed to be disgusted and appalled because she's doing appalling things. I thought it was enjoyable, thought provoking, and even comical.

Dax D (mx) wrote: A good movie? Yeas. A fun movie? No.

Daniel M (kr) wrote: Watching this right after watching the first one made this film a bit of a disappointment. The story was very similar to the first movie and it lacked any really memorable scenes. 3/5

Laura B (it) wrote: OMG I loved this when I was and my friend used to watch it all the time. Total girlie trash...LOVE IT!

Andy C (kr) wrote: Too weird for its own good. A waste of a double-dose of Jeremy Irons, who is genius as always.

Jennifer B (fr) wrote: Love this movie when I was a kid. Still remember the song: One eyed one horn flying purple people eater.....

Leonard H (br) wrote: Undoubtedly the worst of all the Bruceploitation films, this hamfisted nightmare features bold flavors of ineptitude accented with notes of ignorance, racism, and blatant copyright infringement. It's the film that Ed Wood might have made if he had access to some Bruce Lee interview footage and a library of old samurai films which he could overdub with nonsensical drivel that interchangeably uses the terms kung-fu and karate. Also apparently interchangeable are China and Japan, as the narrator, Academy Award nominee Adolph Caesar (the Color Purple), refers to Lee's great-grandfather as "one of China's greatest Samurai Masters".Fist of Fear, Touch of Death begins documentary-style, with real-life sleazy promoter Aaron Banks being interviewed by Caesar about Bruce Lee's murder by the "vibrating palm" technique. Banks is then shown awkwardly attempting the one-inch punch while referring to it as the "touch of death". The movie then drifts into a narrative about blaxploitation star Fred Williamson begrudgingly making his way to a Karate Championship, all the while being mistaken for Harry Belafonte by almost all of New York City. Get it? Because all black people look alike!The rest of the film cannot be accurately summarized in any linear fashion. It includes long passages of old martial arts films overdubbed to loosely fit the ridiculous false narrative of Bruce Lee's life. Then comes an intensely confusing scene in which a mustachioed Bill Louie dressed as Kato (Bruce Lee's character in the TV show, The Green Hornet) saves a woman from being gang raped. After taking the attackers down (mostly by screaming at them), the woman and Louie appear on a boat (?), where she asks him his name. He proceeds to remove his mask and reveal himself as "Louie. Bill Louie." The rest of the film is a hodgepodge of silly fighting footage at Madison Square Garden. Caesar then gives some final thoughts on Bruce Lee's inability to be succeeded. This film can actually be enjoyed on an ironic level, but viewers should have some baseline knowledge about Bruce Lee and martial arts in general in order to fully appreciate the film's hilarious incompetence.

sabrina i (kr) wrote: A very good social drama/thriller that shows the gaps between the rich and the poor but its also about the pyschological of the couple dealing with guilt.

Cameron G (de) wrote: liked this movie only for the bad guy

Mark B (es) wrote: Critics seemingly just didn't want to like this movie from the very get.....Before any screenings, it was quick judgements. Maybe it was due to the lead role being filled by an "outsider," Aguilera, who a widely known vocalist/pop singer & not an actress. I personally enjoyed this movie & catch it every time it comes on television, which is fairly often now. Christina, although the part didn't call for her to have to stretch herself too far, did a good job, given the role. She held the leading role well & I feel she was believable as the character. It's difficult when a person is solely known for a single attribute or talent & Christina has certainly put her mark in Hollywood as a musician/singer with longevity. Overall, I enjoy seeing this movie, repeatedly, it's entertaining & the cast is full of really good talent. The musical numbers are really good, the choreography, the songs, all good. It's worth watching.

Dsire S (jp) wrote: Cute but also immature.