Arlo accepts what seems to him to be a dream promotion to Idaho. He soon discovers, however, that moving has its own share of problems.

Arlo accepts what seems to him to be a dream promotion to Idaho. He soon discovers, however, that moving has its own share of problems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shaun D (br) wrote: I've seen internet porn with higher production values than this. The dreadful special effects, camerawork and poorly written script are only surpassed in their awfulness by the terrible acting. However, like a car crash, I'm drawn to keep watching just out of human compulsion.

Gavin P (br) wrote: A mediocre attempt at a 'mind-control'/perverted future film - all been done before in 'The Matrix', 'Avatar' & 'The Purge'. Kable (Butler) is being controlled in a shoot-em-up, real-life 'game' and has to escape and kill his captor/game-creator, Dexter. Pretty much everyone is wasted/under-used - Sedgwick, Lerman, Lohman, Crews, Ludacris, Valletta, Leguizamo, David. Not all crap, but not much better than that.

Kristijan S (ru) wrote: Despite the quality actors this comedy does not deliver.

Ian Y (us) wrote: It meanders too much. Otherwise it's ok. There's not a lot of great action scenes and the comedy is mediocre.

Jrmie F (mx) wrote: Just fun to watch! A lot of future famous actors in this movie.

Dane A (gb) wrote: I remember I never felt more depressed when I read the novella, but I was kind of relieved that the film was less depressing than the book. Tim Roth is a sublime character actor which explains why he is quite underrated. Because every knows only the so-so actors with good looks get all the credits.

Gareth R (au) wrote: I entered into this expecting to have a Dirty Harry style experience, but what's actually on offer is more like a neo-noir Sleazy Harry. It's a cop on the hunt of a serial killer thriller that plays out like a middling episode of 'The Equalizer', only about sixty minutes longer (yawn). Naturally, Clint or 'Wes Block' as he's called here, is our cop while the killer in question is a mask wearing Scooby Doo escapee who we never really see until the end reel. Now i don't have a problem with that, but some things make the criminal comical when i'm sure that wasn't the intention. Twice in the film we see the murderer mere yards away from Wes, at the crime scene seemingly taunting our hero, but really you just want to shout 'He's behind you!', in true panto spirit. Tonally, writer/director Richard Tuggle goes dark. It's a near humourless, straight up affair that depicts Wes on one hand a devoted father, and on the other an arrogant, sex obsessed womaniser. There's a few light-hearted and amusing moments between him and his two young daughters but none of much really stacks up to a great deal and inevitably it all falls flat with a series of predictable murders, plodding pacing and a laughable finale. 1.5/5

frank c (de) wrote: The film that started it all. Guy Ritchie's debut is a slick and twisted thriller that exemplifies the director's style. However, he does get a little carried away with the fancy camerawork and visual effects. Thankfully the story is well-written and pretty easy to follow, both necessary to keep the viewer interested and engaged. While the ending can be considered to be a twist, it still wasn't smart enough to elevate the film to something of a Tarantino or a Fincher. Still, it is nice to see Britain's dark side given the same treatment as many an American crime world.

Chris P (es) wrote: Best suspense/thriller I've seen in a long time. Hopkins, Morgan and Cornish have great chemistry. Plot was great and flowed well.

Joseph C (ca) wrote: I down Open seen this my new Katie friend coming soon!!!!!