Moving McAllister

Moving McAllister

Rick Robinson, a law intern, is scheduled to take the bar exam in just four days. Anxious to score points with his boss Mr. McAllister, Rick unwisely agrees to help the man move. The next day, Rick finds himself in a moving van from Miami to Los Angeles, accompanied by McAllister's spoiled niece and her pet pig.

Rick Robinson is a ladder-climbing law intern from Miami with four days until the Bar Exam. Desperate to score points with his boss (McAllister), he commits to a favor he can't afford. He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roy S (ca) wrote: Interesting portrayal of a con man who would have been more famous except for Bernie Madoff hitting the fan simultaneously. Listening to him tell how and why he conned hedge-funds out of their money, and his rationalizations, on the eve of his imprisonment is quite enlightening. He was able to delay jail by using his son's bar mitzvah money to pay for guards pending sentencing, so the entire documentary was shot in his luxurious condo over a three month span.

Another V (gb) wrote: This movie is about the important lifesaving work being done by Sam Childers as he works to save Christian orphans from genocide at the hands of militant Muslims in Africa. The senseless slaughtering of children brought this man of faith to his calling, to save and protect lives, in the name of Jesus.The movie may be over, but Childers continues his work. Here's one man who doesn't turn his back when genocide happens.

Aysha R (fr) wrote: Totally technicoloured look at the Punjab!! Just wasn't Jab We Met or Bunty aur Bubli, which were waaay better, but not a bad watch. Entertaining and prettily shot. The India v pakistan theme been done to death...snore.

Jignesh M (de) wrote: a master piece by vishal....a perfect execution of 'Othello' in indian to watch 'langada tyagi'

Jonny P (jp) wrote: "Cinderella Man" tells the redemptive story of depression-era boxer James J. Braddock. This story works on two levels. First, Braddock as a man who struggles to provide from his family when The Great Depression limits the number of jobs for working class men. Second, Braddock as a symbol of hope for all Americans who are struggling to get by. Director Ron Howard brings both of these levels together in this period drama. There has been criticism that Max Baer is inaccurately depicted as vicious bully. While he was known to be a gentleman outside of the ring, this depiction personifies the brute that he became inside of the ring; moreover, Baer is an important part of the film's symbolism as the American people must "get into the ring" with their hardships if they want to reverse their desperate situations. The period costumes and atmosphere are an important part of this film but the key to its success is Russell Crowe. He provides the emotions, expression, and believable boxing abilities necessary to connect with the audience as both a father and as a boxer. The other X-factor of this film is Paul Giamatti whose portrayal of manager Joe Gould was rightfully rewarded with an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Giamatti is one of my favorite character actors and he brings an incredible amount of heart to this performance. I was rather unimpressed with Rene Zellweger as Braddock's wife. She was an Oscar nominee three years in a row (including a win for "Cold Mountain") so I always have high expectations, but I found that most of the emotion in her scenes were a result of Crowe's acting and not her own. Everything is tied together by a beautiful score by Thomas Newman that keeps us focused on the heart of the story. This heart of the story is the hopes and dreams of America which seemingly all lay on the success of Braddock, though it also works as a great boxing film. The scenes are cut in a fast-paced yet easy to follow manner, which probably accounts of the Best Editing Oscar nomination. "Cinderella Man" is a solid picture that will please a diverse grouping of audience members. This is a great choice whether you are feeling down and looking for inspiration or simply in the mood to experience some American history.

Cha J (nl) wrote: Affecting enough that I just NEEDED a plate of nachos after.. Depp was fun. That's it.

Heidi M (nl) wrote: Is it an accurate view of what women want?

Tiago S (br) wrote: Caso tenham dvidas, este o filme no qual a Europa est.

Marcus H (kr) wrote: old school 80's sci-fi classic doesn't need a remake

Jamey T (ca) wrote: can't believe i've actually seen this crap

Natalie M (ag) wrote: Errol Morris just lets the camera roll and allows the people of Vernon, FL to express themselves in some of the most bizarre, amusing, and sad monologues.

Brian K (es) wrote: despite some truly inspired moments, 10 tries too hard to be a comedy with subtext that it forgets to be funny.

Marko S (br) wrote: i think the biggest problem with this movie is timing. in the late 70's western, both classical and revisionist, was out of date genre. especially western that has missed movie timing. is it believable that the big bad land baron waits until the end of WWII to swallow his opponents? Is it believable that the oil company waits for the drilling until the same time? the main corpus of the story is ok: the ecconomic liberty of an individual, but the whole "where have all the cowboys gone" metaphore is just too much.

Barney o (ag) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: It's great to see Sean Connery return, and there are certainly mysteries and action here to engageWHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Connery hasn't got the sparkle of before. So with the lead slightly behind, the rest of the film follows even further back. Really, there's little excitement, the plot is confusing, and some of the acting is poor. It's just not all that exciting. It'll be straining your attention 1 hour in.VERDICT: I really wouldn't bother watching this. Sean Connery might return, but not to form. And the whole film follows suit.

David S (au) wrote: Loved this - truly great example of 90's action - One reason to cast Sam L Jackson in basically everything!

Karli M (fr) wrote: let's just say. it sounds a bit odd! but good!

Mithun G (ru) wrote: The only Winterbottom film I've seen which tugs at your heartstrings.