Mr. Baseball

Mr. Baseball

Jack Elliot, a one-time MVP for the New York Yankees is now on the down side of his baseball career. With a falling batting average, does he have one good year left and can the manager of the Chunichi Dragons, a Japanese Central baseball league find it in him?

The movie depicts a tumultuous season in the career of former American baseball star Jack Elliot, who is traded to a Japanese team and orced to contend with overwhelming expectations and cultural differences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaylor C (jp) wrote: I love this movie and I'm not sure why. It's uncomfortable, loosely scripted (if it's even scripted at all) and it's hardly even funny. I wouldn't change a thing.

Jenna H (gb) wrote: I like the whole concept with the Scarecrow, almost reminds me of the one from Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Dawn H (nl) wrote: I liked it brought back good teenage moments when you and your friends have a sleepover and do a bunch of dumb shit. lol

Eric H (us) wrote: From the beginning, up till it's last moment the movie is brilliant. The two main actors: River Phoenix, and Keanu Reeves had an excellent performance. I found the movie heavy to watch, still i am glad i endured it to the end. Phoenix and Reeves, both assume the roll of rent boys. Not only the acting, and story itself were great ... but also the ambient sound of the movie excelled. Most of the story is spent in Portland, yet for a short while you are taken to Italy. There you'll be faced with incredible views, adorable sheep, and amazing sound.The end of the movie leaves you all the space you may need, to think about what you just watched.

Wayne W (es) wrote: Watched today on This TV. Husband says the first time he saw it, it ended when the other guy in upper management was reading the same book and fired Finch, and just made a sequel and extended it. I did not agree with him.

Brett B (jp) wrote: A really fun, playfully morbid comedy starring a quartet of genre luminaries. Director Tourneur brings his customary style to the proceedings, elevating the material to a quality that one might not expect for this sort of film. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but as a piece of lightweight macabre storytelling, it is never anything less than completely entertaining (if you find gallows humor to be your cup of tea, of course).

Dax S (au) wrote: One of my main childhood movies.

Mike W (de) wrote: First 75% Funny and me us look away... Last 25% (minutes) Just bored.. Walked outta the room a couple times.

Jesse T (mx) wrote: A must-see for any Doctor Who fan, An Adventure in Space and Time is essential viewing for anyone who has an interest in how Doctor Who came to be. David Bradley, who's probably well-known for playing Argus Filch in Harry Potter, and Walder Frey in Game of Thrones, give a charming performance of William Hartnell. Seeing his performance, I'm a bit shocked Steven Moffat didn't get him for the 50th anniversary.

Anthony J (mx) wrote: Seemingly average city worker becomes very frustrated throughout what seems like just another day to most. He spends the film trying get home to his family. Watching Michael Douglas lash out at a society that he sees as disrespectful and dishonest is a wonderful treat. There are a few points where you will with his extreme actions and seem to cheer him on.

Kim B (ru) wrote: Pretty much a cautionary tale type of film. You can tell jagger was meant to be a performer from this film and the talent of their entire band. Such a shame that this concert was utterly ruined and someone lost their life bc of poor choices by the stones in particular hiring the hells angels as little more than thugs disguised as security guards. After just watching Woodstock this film is depressing to say the least in comparison. As the film builds up you can tell it's only a matter of time before something disastrous happens. The caustic combination of drug fueled zealous hippies fans and white trash angry motorcycle gang members is a ticking time bomb. People note this film as the starting of an end to an era and I can see to a degree how. It showcases the good intentioned naivety and carelessness of that era gone awry.