Mr. Belvedere Goes to College

Mr. Belvedere Goes to College

A middle-aged genius goes to college for the first time.

Clifton Webb recreates his Sitting Pretty role as Mr. Lynn Belvedere, the World's Greatest Genius. Belvedere discovers that he is ineligible for an honorary award because he never attended ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith H (br) wrote: 3 Stars, it's like The Blair witch but with a bigfoot

Ryan W (es) wrote: A sequel that is actually funnier than the first. Fairly more enjoyable than the first and the white family adds to the racial comedy. I especially like the Annabelle sex scene and how the doll becomes jealous of his girlfriend.

Pat O (ru) wrote: this is a terrible film. the screenplay doesn't hang together at all. the special effects are ridiculous. the dialogue, especially that of the wife, is preposterous most of the time. overall, i think this is one of the worst movies i have ever seen.

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Leesa M (jp) wrote: Action packed, funny and stupendous cast.

K J E (nl) wrote: 1 1/2 stars for the artistic creation that might have been, but just did not make it. Watch this slow moving, confusing film only if you are interested in some extremely beautiful photography. The scenery is quite gorgeous.

Vadim D (au) wrote: Kathleen Turner might have given a great performance, but the film is too mild and generic compared to other John Waters films. The satire is too literal to offer more than a few laughs.

Cameron F (gb) wrote: A dog brings joys to the lives of sharecroppers during great depression in this predictable but engaging family drama.

Nick F (au) wrote: Mildly entertaining science-fictioner is the epitome of the B-movie with an oh-too-serious cast and of course the notable FX work by Harryhausen. The saucers actually seem to stalk people and its hilarious to see how they just dip down from out of the sky to follow people in thier cars. The aliens themselves are barely above those from the old movie serials, with head-to-toe armor that is NOT impervious to bullets (huh?!). Hugh Marlowe is so deadly earnest as the lead scientest its impossible not to laugh at his perfect 1950s alpha-male performance. The scene where the captured general is shown to have his mind taken over by the aliens is actually a creepy moment. I watched the colorized version which I don't think does much for this movie, but the scequences on the ship do have an errie quality to them in color. The finale with the saucers attacking Washington D.C. is fun to watch, but its hard to take any of this seriously, esepcially after Tim Burton's Mars Attacks. All in all, I'd rather watch The Day The Earth Stood Still.

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Joseph S (ag) wrote: Funny, romantic, and engaging. Proof that romantic comedies used to be both.

Pablo G (nl) wrote: 3/5Certainly a challenge, whether you like it or not. I did not.

Spookie M (jp) wrote: Wow what a turd nugget! Highly recommended for fans of terrible movies!