Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones

The story about the relationship between a manic depressive man, Mr Jones, and the female doctor who takes more than a professional interest in his treatment.

The story about the relationship between a manic depressive man, Mr Jones, and the female doctor who takes more than a professional interest in his treatment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chetan P (de) wrote: powerful movie with essential message!

Ella B (gb) wrote: There is a lot of subtlety. So watch carefully. The movie works very well in my opinion. The speed is just right and the ending well timed (not too late, not too early). I think it's a movie science geeks will appreciate.

Steve R (nl) wrote: Well-animated and enjoyable. A bit violent, but well worth a watch.

Adriana S (nl) wrote: Como todas las pelis de Iciar Bollain, buenisima. La dura vida de la mujer trabajadora...

Mimi S (nl) wrote: I'm not one for soppy chick flicks but everyone has to have a guilty pleasure. Although Drew Barrymore is likeable, she always plays the samey role of the hopeless romantic. Drew Barrymore plays Josie Geller, a 25-year-old plain Jane journalist who is about to get her big break by going undercover in a high school, looking for a big story to sell. Whilst Josie is excited at the prospect of furthering her career, she also dreads going back to high school, where she had a bad time and was bullied. This time Josie gets to be one of the popular kids with the help of her cool brother, Rob (David Arquette). Josie, a hopeless romantic begins to fall for her hansome English teacher, Sam Coulson (Michael Vartan). Whilst Never Been Kissed is a soppy, predictable and cliche film, it's fun and fresh and has likeable characters. Plus I think that people who have had a hard time at high school can relate to it such as myself. I think we all see a bit of "Josie Grossie" (a cruel nickname Josie was given at school) in ourselves, I certainly can. It really brings home just how cruel kids can be and nothing's changed. It also epitomises the harsh world of journalism and how far some will go to get an outrageous story. Never Been Kissed is just one of those girly classics; whilst I'm no advocate of chick flicks, this one is hard to dislike. Perhaps the guys should give this a miss, but its the ultimate girly classic! Grade: B+

Justin A (ru) wrote: Interesting and creative Dracula/vampire story. It is a bit cheap and low budget, but there are some legitimately creepy scenes and moments that could surprise people with how shocking it can be (at least for the time). Marshall gives a good performance and keeps things interesting, but when he's not on film it becomes more difficult to watch. There is also a considerable amount of action that (for the most part) wasn't really seen in too many horror films before. Just a unique movie worth checking out for the curious.

Ben S (ca) wrote: How weird must it have been for Audie Murphy to reenact (Hollywoodized versions) of his WWII experiences?

Petros T (jp) wrote: "Limitless" oozes with energy, both a pro and a con for me: it's really vivid although not in the aesthetically satisfactory way that an Edgar Wright film (eg Scott Pilgrim) is vivid. Cooper is agreeable but far from great and is backed up by a rather unremarkable supporting cast including Bob De Niro, who seems rather bored in a smaller part than the poster would indicate. Still there's plenty of solid action and both the strong main idea and the visual fervor keep things comfortably above par.

Kevin D (ru) wrote: I somehow ran across this title after review of the title 'Calvary' (2014), another film from the Irish Film Board that I was impressed with. I was quite delighted with this tale of a bachelor stag gone awry, that didn't take the low road of comedy, as the infamous 'Hangover' Trilogy.Long time friends Davin and Fionan find themselves planning and impromptu stag party for the rather effeminate and polite groom. What starts off as a simple little camping trip between 5 friends turns into a rather long evening of mishaps, bad decisions, and inconveniences. Enter 'The Machine,' brilliantly played by Peter McDonald, the grooms soon to be brother in-law, and a character of insulting bravado, who acts as an instigator throughout the film. Things begin nicely enough, but little by little, plans get skewed and they all end up off course.What made this film such a pleasure was how real the whole situation seems. If you've ever been hiking with friends, you learn very quickly who are the capable friends, and who are not. This film delightfully plays into this idea, when friendships are tested out in the wilderness after a few slight mishaps. At no point did this film scream fake, and I found myself laughing along with the banter. Each character brings a little bit of their own humour in this film, and each personality was perfect for their role. The run on jokes are timed very well, and even though you know they might be coming, they still deliver laughs.A great heartfelt comedy, funny and smart throughout.3/5

Batesow T (it) wrote: I loved it frank for the win jason stathom rocks