Mr. Marumakan

Mr. Marumakan

Three women believe they can survive without the help of a man, but the arrival of Ashok Raj, a lawyer trained drama director, into their lives forces them to revise their opinions.

Ashok Raj, though a lawyer by profession has indeed dedicated his life to revive the lost glory that the drama troupe Bharatha Kalakshetram has once enjoyed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew G (ag) wrote: I can't get enough of this film, Nicholas Stoller directed a masterpiece, job well done! A perfect blend of comedy and romance. I think the reason a lot of people enjoyed this, is because it's relatable, everyone has went though heartbreak, with the twist of this film not having a stereotypical ending. Also, Jonah Hill's several cameo's was on point. Jason Segal stole the show with this film, his personality / character was brilliant, and it worked so well.

Tyson P (es) wrote: like i said american pie spin offs arn't the greatest but stiffler's little brother is alright in band camp...i guess. Watch the american pie trilogy over again instead

Johnathon W (de) wrote: Surprisingly well-made entry into the "Hellraiser" franchise, thanks to a creepy premise & solid cast. Kari Wuhrer is effective in the lead role of Amy Klein, playing someone intelligent enough to not only know something strange is going on with the 'deaders' but to be terrified of it, and receives solid support from the rest of the cast. Behind the camera, director Rick Bota crafts an interesting mystery that actually tries to do something different with the franchise, along with some creepy set pieces (the scene where Amy is walking through the subway while endlessly bleeding out is especially effective). Unfortunately, it gets a bit convoluted in the third act, though redeemed with an effective show-piece for the great Doug Bradley's Pinhead. Overall, a worthy addition to the Hellraiser franchise, though not quite a classic.

Ross M (mx) wrote: John Waters had already been making films for years by the time Cecil B Demented came out, and to me it feels like a love letter to a type of film that seems to be disappearing. That film is the underground film. The hardcore indie. The type of film that's made on a shoestring budget, is all symbolism, and is made with the camera stolen from the film school you went to. In other words, the type of films that Waters made in his early career, along with a slew of other directors. The story itself tells of a group of indie filmmaker kids who kidnap a hollywood starlet with the intentions of turning her against her previous "masters." Nothing much more needs to be mentioned about the plot, as it's a rather simplistic one. The film works in its joyful debauchery (something that only Waters could really pull off), there are no heavy handed speeches, just howled eulogies for art house theaters, the grindhouses, and the adult theatres, for are they not art? The movie is sure to split audiences in opinions, and the violence perpetrated is rather tame compared to what we're used to at this point, but the spirit that runs throughout the film is undeniable. Do I personally clamor for the death of all Hollywood films? Not at all, but I can sure enjoy the lustful taunts of the independents that I also enjoy!

J M (au) wrote: Yea low production value and originality.

Johnny N (jp) wrote: mike Ironside is absolutely ruthless, rip c h

Omar G (kr) wrote: From all those that I've seen, "Network" is possibly the best, well crafted and acted and intelligent satire put on the big screen. One of the best films ever, period. It applied in '76, like it would apply to 2015. No doubt, one of the 3 best films by Lumet.

Ryan D (fr) wrote: Cavalcade is an epic film about a family in London. The film starts in 1899 and ends in 1933. It covers some historical events like the Second Boer War, the death of Queen Victoria, the Titanic, and World War 1.This film won a few Oscars including best picture. It was a decent film and had some reasonably interesting characters. There was nothing overly-spectacular about it but at least it was good enough to keep my interest for the duration.74/100C

Asim A (gb) wrote: Utterly, utterly appalling. Even Seagal can't save it.

John W (mx) wrote: Dark, gritty animation that dives headfirst into the uncanny valley. Unfortunately, the stunning (but uncomfortable) visuals can't make up for a lack of story depth. The near-future dystopia certainly has more great stories to tell, this just isn't one of them.