Dr Ram Prasad Ghayal (Amitabh) is a surgeon whose scalpel proves to be a magic wand. He has a wife called Janaki (Dimple) and a brother called Bharat. Bharat is in love with a dancing doll Renu (Karishma) whom the baddie's brother (Deepak Tijouri) also loves. Bharat, an architect refuses to sign a power project involving heavy kickbacks and heavier displacement (with so many scams in the air, what can one expect the plot to be). He is implicated in a plot and sent to jail. Unable to bear this humiliation, he commits suicide and Renu marries Deepak instead of repenting her beloved's loss. Now is the time for our 'Mrityudaata' to avenge the loss of his wife and his brother. He trades his scalpel for a machine gun and apron for a commando coat and cap.

Dr Ram Prasad Ghayal (Amitabh) is a surgeon whose scalpel proves to be a magic wand. He has a wife called Janaki (Dimple) and a brother called Bharat. Bharat is in love with a dancing doll ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oliver K (fr) wrote: Not bad. Watchable. Same old story that we have all seen before in other films.

Conejitafeli25 C (gb) wrote: unos jovenes utilizan la tabla ouija sin saber lo que pronto ocurriria

John M (es) wrote: Cheesy teen movie x cheesy zombie movie = ultracheesy laughs. Will they lose their virginity before they lose their genitals? Just be sure to bypass the bad English dubbing.

Ian I (gb) wrote: Casualties of war is among the best war films I have ever seen. Not only is it based on true events but it mirrors what is like to be in those events flawlessly. Casualties of War like many Vietnam films shows a great anti-war side to Vietnam and isn't afraid to show the many atrocities the Americans committed during the war as well. The films harsh content and idea are very powerful and will keep you in awe. It shows just how crazy war can make people. The acting is great and the cast is comprised of a young Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn, Ving Rhames, John C. Reilly, and John Leguizamo. Fox does a brilliant job in his first really dramatic role. Casualties of War now ranks alongside my favorite Vietnam war films like Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, and Apocalypse Now.

Charlie Q (fr) wrote: Women in Prison movies rock

Cliff O (mx) wrote: Brilliant excoriation of the sports business as it was (?) is (?). Great characters, great story. Marred only by general awfulness of technical elements. Gets the credit (or the blame) for why I view all professional sports with such disdain.

Isaac K (ca) wrote: Wow. This movie is Weird. But I LOVE weird movies. And I also happen to love Roger Daltrey. And where the two meet is a fantastic film.

Butt H (fr) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised. Was expecting a Roy Rogers type thing, but it was a durn good western sporting an all-star cast: Tyrone Power, Henry Fonda, Randolph Scott, John Carradine, and one of my favorites, Brian Donlevy! Amazing horse scenes, like flat-out gallops, smashing through plate-glass windows, jumping off cliffs . . . wow. Henry Fonda totally owns the few scenes he's in. So cool and clever.

Robert H (mx) wrote: I've been on somewhat of a Kevin Costner binge lately, and I conclude that here with OPEN RANGE: his first directorial effort after the disaster that was THE POSTMAN, and a return to the Western genre. Although the plot reminded me a little bit of Clint Eastwood's UNFORGIVEN, the tone was not elegiac, with the characters and themes hewing fairly closely to traditional archetypes instead of subverting them. While it's not a bad film, per se, its sincerity dips into corny territory and I didn't exactly like that too much. Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner gave great performances, as one would expect. This type of film is also not new to them, with Duvall previously starring in LONESOME DOVE and Costner starring in SILVERADO. I felt like their characters were developed enough, but they could play these roles in their sleep. Annette Bening gets probably the biggest supporting role, but the romance that develops between her and Costner's character seemed out of place and contributed greatly to the sappiness which brings this film down. Diego Luna and Michael Gambon also have supporting roles, but they weren't given too much to do. What the film does have going for it is the cinematography and score. Say what you will about Kevin Costner's films, but all (three) of them look beautiful. He has a great eye for bringing out wonderful visuals of the American West. I also liked the non-intrusive score that accented the imagery quite nicely. However, the best part of this film is undoubtedly the epic shootout that serves as the climax. It was extremely well-shot, realistic, and hard-hitting. No kidding, the sound design here was incredible and you feel every bullet hit. Sadly, that was the pinnacle. Not a bad one to have, but I would have liked the rest of the film to live up to this awesome sequence. Overall, OPEN RANGE tends towards the traditional way of doing a Western, complete with outdated codes of honor and superfluous romance. It's a perfectly decent film, and a return to form of sorts for Costner, but it ranks pretty low in the pantheon of great Westerns.

Brian P (us) wrote: Weak movie. VERY WEAK