Mug Town

Mug Town

Steve Bell, Tommy, Pig, Ape, and String are run of town. Steve, while hopping a freight card and trying to avoid the brakeman, is killed. The boys meet Steve's mother, Alice Bell and Tommy is given a job in the storage garage which she owns jointly with Mack Steward. Steve's brother Don Bell is working with some gangsters by tipping them off on valuable merchandise that can be hijacked. Pig, Ape and String overhear Don's plans to use Tommy as the fall guy in the next hijacking.

Neighborhood kids take on racketeers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mug Town torrent reviews

Danny M (nl) wrote: Great film! I thought I would find it slow and boring but ideally liked it and found it interesting

I am n (ru) wrote: SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAAAD... Doesn't deserve any stars !!

Ross C (it) wrote: Awesome film! you'll laugh and be emotiionally moved; Warms your heart down to the cockels!

Leong C (ag) wrote: An Aussie flick, deep, but entertaining. A multi layer story line, ending in a mix emo setting...

AnneLaure R (br) wrote: Avec une fin plus sombre, j'aurais mis les 5 etoiles!

Ina S (us) wrote: Moving and entertaining, but oversimplified film carried entirely by a fantastic cast. Marianne Faithfull is an absolute must-see, her performance is nothing short of sublime. Unfortunately the rest of the film is not able to match her stunning portrayal of "Irina Palm".

Susy G (br) wrote: One of my all time favorite comedies. Hilarious, dark, twisted, and nostalgic (if you've lived in or near a small town). I could watch this movie another hundred times and not get bored. Ignore old reviews of this movie; I honestly don't think people were ready for this kind of humor.

Steve G (br) wrote: I wish the version I saw was close captioned. Very difficult to understand the cockney accents.Probably Grant's best performance. One of his two Oscar nominations. He brings to life a flawed character trying to deal with the consequences of his own shortcomings, in addition to the hardships around him. At his vaudevillian best. There's a very genuine quality about the relationships.My first Ethel Barrymore film. A superb performance.One gets the sense that the film isn't quite sure what it wants to be. It's somewhat schizophrenic. It carries a haunting nature about itself, & forebodes, to be sure. But whether it fully delivers on a dramatic level is slightly less certain.It was made in the midst of the war, and like many war pictures, carried a solemnity about it. It did a good job of tying together the motif.

Brian L (br) wrote: Proabably good if I was living in my parents time that is. I have seen better ones more or less around that time in the 70s. Didnt find the gore and blood realistic. The acting was pretty unconvincing not to mention stiff.

Andy C (it) wrote: Excellent (by which I mean not actually excellent but pretty fun) action with JCVD - perhaps one of my favourite examples of his style of action.