Mug Travel

Mug Travel


  • Category:Adventure
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  • Uploader:FangFap
  • Country:South Korea
  • Director:Lim Ah-ron
  • Writer:N/A

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Mug Travel torrent reviews

Andrew C (kr) wrote: Solid zombie fare that uses more spastic, twitchy hissing rather than overt gore to bring it's fear to "life."

Devon W (mx) wrote: Assumed it would be in the same vein of Mr. Gordon Lewis. Asides from the grainy film and gore quality it lacked everything else that makes his movies enjoyable. Not even seeing David Hess in action made me enjoy this. Pffaw.

Luis A (mx) wrote: Para comenzar, la pelcula es considerada segn varias pginas especializadas en cine, como la MEJOR actuacin de la fantstica Michelle y les dir que no decepciona.. Williams tiene una facilidad sobrenatural para transmitir tristeza, y en este film todo ese talento innato se potencia cuando interpreta a una joven perdida, decadente y que desgasta minuto a minuto su autoestima hasta ser autnticamente deprimente y generar lastima y compasin. De veras que te produce un vaco en la conciencia, en el corazn, ya que muchas veces se habla sobre cun difcil es vivir, cuan fcil es perder el camino, cuan comn es sentirse decepcionado con el presente, pero enfrentar todo eso sin esperanzas es cruel, es inhumano y no se le desea a nadie. As que vemos durante toda la historia a Wendy, primero acompaada de su perra Lucy tratando de llegar a su destino con muchas limitaciones, luego Sola, tras perder a Lucy junto a muchas de sus cosas, sin empleo, sin dinero, sin personas conocidas, y finalmente Sin nada.. enfrentada a su realidad, sin xito y sin final feliz. Conmovedora y Muy Real.

Double O (mx) wrote: Silly and funny. I loved it.

ken k (de) wrote: I am a Vietnam veteran. I don't know if I should be proud of that or ashamed. Now 40 years later I still find myself purposely avoiding war movies in general. Brings up demons of horror of war, but vets now have demons that WWII vets did not have to fend off. They did not have to carry the burden of knowing the war they fought was for no reason other than money and greed. Stop-loss touched that nerve that only soldiers of recent senseless wars can feel. There was a draft in the Vietnam era but I enlisted. Stop-loss was not an issue after my tour. If I had stayed in the service I am sure another tour would have been in the cards for me...that is why I left. I long to be proud if my country again. Every person in this country should be required to see this movie and others like "The Messenger" with Woody Harrelson. I too had the duty of going to notify people of the loss of their loved ones. That will haunt me forever. Stop-loss tapped the essence of my pain and I am sure the pain of others forced to kill in an unjust, illegal war. See it by all means! Ken K.

ralphieboy333 (br) wrote: A broad documentary on the artistic process as it relates to one of the most-performed plays of classic English literature. Great insights into acting and storytelling.

Brendan P (fr) wrote: This is an above average B-action movie. Thomas Ian Griffith plays the cop out to avenge his partner's death. dispite some pretty predictable "twists" this movie is fun to watch and you get to see some familar faces. Lance Henriksen is good as the grumpy captain and James Earl Jones pops in as Griffith's friend who owns a jazz club.

Michael L (it) wrote: from what ive seen, this is definetely one of the best independent films of the 90s and maybe one of the more influential. i can see the influence of anders on directors like paul thomas anderson and david gordon greene. the acting was a bit meh but the story was good enough to make up for it

Panos M (kr) wrote: A completely unnecessary film.

Paul S (de) wrote: A diamond in the rough. with mind blowing explosions and stunning action. this movie is a MUST SEE!! if you have not seen Picasso Trigger than watch it. and if your not gona watch it. then kill yourself.

Steve W (es) wrote: From the writer of some of the Lone Wolf and Cub films comes Lady Snowblood, a violent but beautiful revenge film that would later influence many films, including Kill Bill. It has an almost poetic grace to the violence, and the movie is very interesting in its brutality and artistry. Its definitely a cult film worth viewing if you're into that sort of thing.

Tony K (de) wrote: The best of the Carry Ons.

Chris S (fr) wrote: I really liked "Johnny Appleseed," and "Pecos Bill" was alright. But the rest wasn't too exciting.

Brian L (ca) wrote: Is a very well done movie

William R (jp) wrote: High emotional Australian drama that works to due stellar performances