Extremely loose adaptation of Little Women, set in 1970s; three teenaged girls and a younger sister live alone after the death of their parents.

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Spencer K (kr) wrote: a sweet, pleasant, warm, endearing, rich film that pays respect to THE greatest film reviewer of our times. an absolutely wonderful film about a man who loved film that was made for people who love films, too.

Daniel P (nl) wrote: Gondry's film about his aunt's experience of teaching in rural France would just have been shown to family and friends if he was less well known, as is generally appropriate for a home movie, but, despite unintelligible in-jokes, absent exposition and rough footage, there is the odd moment of intrigue.

Sean D (de) wrote: Where the original 300 was my entrance to being introduced to Gerard Butler and his great acting skills with an unfortunate terrible future film profile, well hit and miss. What we also got was an amazing, fun, action-packed, deeply involved and passionate plot. This film doesn't totally muck all over that. But we get one majorly hot and sexy and fierce female commander who fought her way up the chains to get where she is and the actress who I have no clue who she is, nails and kills the role and becomes the best actor in the entire film. So what does that leave us with? A muddled plot line. It's just all over the place and ridiculous. It doesn't even make any sense completely. I mean, we'll, yes and no. It goes one way and then comes back and goes another. Seems repetitive, confusing and basically like the Commander on the other side, gas no clue what to do. Part of me makes sense, I suppose. I didn't think the film could outdo the first, but I feel like it didn't even try. I hope that there is still a third film, because we are essentially left with a cliffhanger. Did I mention, that this film contains the most bizarre and fascinating, and in general, greatest sex scene of all time in film history. It gets a star to a star and a half, just based on that.

Kurt M (au) wrote: A brilliant, wicked, and delightfully funny adaptation of the classic fantasy novel by Terry Pratchett featuring a terrific cast, excellent direction, and great scenic design and special effects. This film is an almost perfect adaptation of a Discworld novel and is everything you expect it to be--and more. One question remains:"Have you been naughty... or nice?"

MariePier D (ca) wrote: There is some strange moments... but it's a good kind of "drama thriller", it's not full of suspense, it's relaly more psychological, the actors are doing a great job and you wanna watch it 'til the end !

Brett S (ca) wrote: Saw a few of my friends in there, so it was even more interesting for me. It was a great documentary of the Baja 1000. It makes me want to race it even more one day...

James M (ag) wrote: Supposedly based on fact, but it fails to convince on any level.

Cody C (es) wrote: Pretty good, with a few great moments, mostly coming from Richard Edson, who basically steals the show.

Jayson C (ca) wrote: That hand freaks me out!

Chris M (us) wrote: It was a funny, really cute and really entertaining Disney animated/live action musical comedy adventure. It had really terrific animation, really great cinematography, really fun characters, really great music, really great narrations, really fun adventure, really good laughs, really colorful backgrounds and a really good story. In my opinion, this is one of my favorite Disney animated anthology films of the 40s. I really recommend this movie to both children and adults.

Meaghan H (us) wrote: Quite liked it actually :)

Samantha S (jp) wrote: Saw this years ago. Can't figure out what's so attractive about Murray Head to be in between these two, especially since he seems like such a jerk in the film. But maybe I should watch it again now I've aged a bit.

Quinlan R (ag) wrote: Muppets are back and better than ever this is QR at you with another review of the muppets note their will be spoilersBack in 2011 I hated the muppets until I saw this film now I want more every film or tv episode I saw they all had a charm weirdness to the muppets and I like that it different but cool The only thing I have to say is their wayyyy to many songs I think theirs 12 songs 4 of them are not new to the franchise And I gives less time to get to know the characters for new comer to the muppets This will be short review but that's ok I am not going to spoiler the movie you should give it a goI give this film a 3/5 for it weird humour charm and heart this QR and see you next time