Yashoda has been widowed for years, but has brought up her two children with lot of love, care, and honesty. She is disappointed when her son, Shankar, who is arrested for breaking the law,...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   prison,   police,  

Yashoda has been widowed for years, but has brought up her two children with lot of love, care, and honesty. She is disappointed when her son, Shankar, who is arrested for breaking the law,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Indra W (es) wrote: There are so many false information, religious exploitation, cheesy dialogue and stupid impossible plot. Half-assed, awkward action, violence, and sexploitation. A big disappointment.

Melina M (au) wrote: This is what good documentary films are all about! You will be shocked and saddened by the CURRENT state of affairs STILL going on in our country and in the Gulf. All Americans should see this film. Great work!

Aoife G (fr) wrote: brilliant movie, hav been to his grave in edinburgh. lovely story 4 young and old

Mihai I (it) wrote: cea mai comica drama pe care am vazut-o

Peter W (es) wrote: Enjoyable & insightful bildungsfilm with many honestly halarious moments.

Vincent R (mx) wrote: it's ok but the ending was dumb

Leigh B (us) wrote: It was funny seeing the great actor Laurence Fishburne as a 13 year old child in this movie. He could act back then.This movie had a whole lot of great actors who were guest stars in popular black sitcoms of the seventies. Rosalind Cash as Laurence Fishburne's character's mother. Moses Gunn. Antonio Fargas is type-casted with the same type of role in every movie that he is in. This movie was made in the early 1970s. A police shot an innocent black man. Fast forward to 2007 in Norfolk, Virginia. The same thing is happening here today, over 30 years later! Yes cops intimidate people just like they intimidated people in this movie.

Ross M (au) wrote: Christopher Lee acts menacingly in this movie but it still can't save it from being more of a boring historical documentary rather than a scary horror movie!

Brad D (nl) wrote: Despite an endearing premise and promising cast, Friends With Kids fails to deliver as either a comedy or a drama and it seems confused as to which it is. Filled with what seems like inside jokes, there are moments that feel like a mediocre sitcom with the laugh track removed, with someone off-screen holding up a 'cue laughter' card to a non-existent audience.

Blake P (br) wrote: I'd like to think that "Good Kill" is more a stagey thought-provoker than a cinematic masterpiece, but because its inclinations are timely and because its portrayals of psychological torment are telling, there's not much more I can do besides come to the conclusion that it's much more than the heady dose of brain games it at first seems to be. Written and directed by Andrew Niccol (the man behind "Gattaca" and the writer of "The Truman Show"), the film stars Ethan Hawke as Thomas Egan, an Air Force pilot who's been demoted to the role of a resident eye in the sky in his stone-faced middle-age. Day in and day out does he man drone strikes coolly and efficiently. His co-workers, mostly young and still in the process of building their reps, are in awe of his placidity. But Egan's aloof exterior has more to do with him being imprisoned by his own personal demons. His moral objections to his current occupation are escalating. His family life is suffering, damaged by his increasingly dangerous alcohol dependency and his sudden outbursts of anger. He'd do anything to fly a real plane again, to stop having to take lives with video game mimicking detachment. But Egan's in a vicious cycle of silent distress that perhaps will never be able to be undone, and that's "Good Kill's" most pertinent affirmation. Without taking sides - Niccol understands the safety preaching POV of the ethic challenging government as much as he pays attention to the effects droning has on the reluctant behind-the-scenes heavyweights doing the damage - the commentary is sharp and understatedly realized. It's able to say much with little; its muted delivery only heightens the sense of static conflict its more emotionally numbed characters so regularly feel. Hawke, in his third collaboration with Niccol, gives an accomplished, believably agonized performance as Egan - his man of few words hardness never stops appearing to be a bulletproof shell hiding blatant misery. As his wife, January Jones is perhaps supplemental at best - more a couple shades lighter than her years-in-the-making rendering of "Mad Men's" Betty Draper - but her character's hungering for a loving relationship intensifies the toll Egan's vocation of choice has on his existence. Zo Kravitz, as a young A1C, is fittingly vehement as a skeptic who sees something greater than herself in Egan, and Bruce Greenwood, as their no-nonsense superior, chills in his defeatist rigidity. But because "Good Kill" is a stirring of ideas with superb performances to take it to higher ground, never to knock us out or grab us by the lapels, there's no denying that it serves as no more than a tasty plateful to be tossed aside shortly after consumption. It's so low-key it threatens to sift away into the darkest depths of one's most vaguely remembered memories. But it's intelligent and it's well-timed; it's weighty entertainment that rings with immediacy, and what it lacks in memorability it more than makes up for in provocation. And that's worth something.

Harim K (ag) wrote: you can forget heston's NRA schticks for the duration because he is the good guy, the hero, therefore easily likable