Multiple Sarcasms

Multiple Sarcasms

Gabriel is a man who on the surface has it all-successful professional life as an architect, a beautiful wife, Annie, and a devoted young daughter, Elizabeth. But slowly it dawns on him that he is not really happy. Gabriel decides that he wants to write a play about the sorry state of his life. He quits his job, gets a pushy literary agent friend to represent him and starts writing. Although his marriage ends in a divorce, the play is success and although his life is different than it was, he is happier.

Gabriel is a man who on the surface has it all-successful professional life as an architect, a beautiful wife, Annie, and a devoted young daughter, Elizabeth. But slowly it dawns on him ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Craig M (it) wrote: A bizarre retelling of "Peter Pan". Neverland is an amusement park where Peter and the Lost Boys hang out, hiding from the maintenance supervisor who dresses as a pirate during park hours. Tinkerbell is usually drunk or on "fairy dust" and becomes jealous when Peter brings Wendy back to the park. It doesn't really play out like "Peter Pan" but it's easy to see the similarities and they do quote from it. Definitely not for everyone. It is R-rated and very trippy. I was unsure about it a first. The filming style is very amateurish...too artsy at times with it's flashing colors and psychedelic look. Given that this is for a mature audience, the cast is older than what is thought of for "Peter Pan". The overt gay nature of Hook gave me some good laughs and his intentions towards the Lost Boys is apparent when he catches them and ties them up in a basement. I 'm sure that my rating is higher than what "normal" people would give it. For me, this was one of those movies that is so bad that it is kind of a bizarre, twisted way. There's also the plus of seeing Wil Wheaton playing John Darling and being asked by Hook if he wants to play pirate.

Zapp O (kr) wrote: This movie is either one of the worst ever made or a sleeping college campus epic that is overflowing with Mock potential. The underlying premise is seriously ridiculous; a huge glacier calves off of Greenland and hurtles at an astounding "scientist approved" 200mph straight towards New York City. Soon the U.S. government has "declared war on the glacier", persistently blowing it up with everything from missiles to nukes. And yet, it just keeps coming. This is one mean spirited glacier that fights back with huge knives of ice that flattens entire towns in response to each military assault. Although this movie is flooding with tropes, it's the acting that really devastates the film. Not only are the main characters wildly unlikeable, whiny, and given dreadful dialogue, the actors clearly don't believe a word that they are saying. Then again, this might be because the wardrobe department wasn't informed that this movie was about people instantly freezing into popsicles (yes that trope is in there.) The director is in on the ineptness! The characters are frequently seen wandering through blizzard conditions with their jackets unzipped, the hoods of hoodies flopping against their backs, and a curious lack of hats or gloves. Did I mention that the main characters live in Maine? Maybe it's always balmy like the Amazon there? It's clear that even after hours of blizzard conditions the snow never piles up on the ground or on anything else for that matter.And I think this is where the movie really fails. It can't pull off simple tropes like a MacGuffin. It's as if the writers were simply unaware that cliches and tropes exist and instead they wander into the icy, tortured terrain of film making without making even simple preparations like grabbing a warm coat, gloves, and some food before evacuating towards warmer climes. Perhaps this movie is really a metaphor about the tragic fate of producers, directors, writers, and actors who fail to pay attention in class and in life. Despite all of this or because of it, the mock potential is through the roof. I advise lots of beer, pizza, and a few audience prompts to get the mocking and laughter going.

anders k (mx) wrote: This insightful documentary takes us into the thrilling murder case of a killer who working in an old asylum.

David G (ca) wrote: It feels a lot like that movie where they send the convicted criminals to an island to kill each other for a game show (I don't remember the title), and a little deeper plot.

Danelly R (kr) wrote: This movie is a scientists orgasm... I love it.

Susie B (kr) wrote: Hilarious. Genuinely korean.

david t (ag) wrote: i would like to see this one..

Mike B (mx) wrote: Astonishingly bad, even if you are a Mariah fan, which I am not. Avoid. You cannot get the time back.

Mark T (it) wrote: I liken this film to listening to Des O Connor's Greatest Hits. Give it a very wide berth.

jay n (ru) wrote: One of the King's indifferent postwar vehicles isn't terrible but nothing special at least he has a strong leading lady in Alexis Smith.

Deb S (ag) wrote: Murduring for music..good enuff

Jaime D (ag) wrote: You wouldn(TM)t have thought this film needed to be over two hours long the way the characters fall in and out of love and hate at whip neck speed. I know us Mediterranean types are supposed to be powder kegs of emotion but the capriciousness and fickleness of these characters ( they literally fall in love at first site and turn on each other in an instant) makes it impossible to invest in any of them. We are never allowed to see the relationships develop, to see their journey. I can understand that for its historical importance Ossessione is celebrated but its far from a timeless classic.

Anders A (fr) wrote: The barriers between rich and poor, west and east, the struggles within our mankind over borders and barriers. Complexed and difficult the communication and understanding of our innermost values and needs.

Luke R (ca) wrote: I am a huge fan of Kate Beckinsale, and have enjoyed most of Matt Dillon's work since his role in "There's Something about Mary". The impressive cast extends to Alan Alda, David Schwimmer and Noah Wyle. Each actor steps up to the plate here and delivers a good performance.From my point of view, the standout performances were from Beckinsale (no surprise there) and Alan Alda.I love a good political and court room thriller, and this movie gave me exactly that and more. Whilst I will admit that the movie may have been better served by a slightly shorter running time (as I especially felt the "jail" scenes went on a bit long), the movie is under 110 minutes which is still acceptable.It is quite likely that the director wanted the viewers to feel the pain and anguish of Beckinsale's character (as the movie is based on true events) as she languished in prison out of principle for her work, but that aspect of the film didn't hit home for me.I really like David Schwimmer (and still believe he was by far the stand-out actor on 'Friends') - and he is quite good in his role here. I would like to see him do more on the big screen, if the right vehicle comes along.Overall, I enjoyed this movie and thought it was worth the wait. Beckinsale proves her worth as a top-line actor and I hope to see more of her in these kinds of powerful roles in the future.