Mumbai Meri Jaan

Mumbai Meri Jaan

Shortly after 1800 hours, 11 July 2006, Mumbai was shattered by seven bomb blasts on Western Railway stations: Matunga, Mahim, Khar, Bandra, Jogeshwari, Borivali, and Bhayandar. It took the Police and ambulance over an hour to attend at various sites. This incident changes lives of Thomas, originally from Chennai, who sells tea from his bike; Rupali Joshi, a TV News reporter, who has to deal with the death of her to-be spouse, Ajay Kumar Pradhan; Suresh, in debt, starts to suspect all Muslims, especially Yusuf; Inspector Tukaram Patil, about to retire, goes about collecting bribes as usual, much to the chagrin of his embittered, honest and soon to-be suspended subordinate, Sunil Kadam; while Nikhil Agarwal, a Nationalist and environmentalist, debates whether he should re-locate to the United States, along with his pregnant wife, Sejal.

[THIS PLOT SUMMARY CONTAINS SPOILERS] Shortly after 1800 hours, 11 July 2006, Mumbai was shattered by seven bomb blasts on Western Railway stations: Matunga, Mahim, Khar, Bandra, Jogeshwari... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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