The story a rescue, the rescue of a bad brat's life in the post-WWII period. In 1947, Roger reaches 11 years old. He's a kid badly loved, mischievous and specializes in silly things to do. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian P (au) wrote: The whole story behind this documentary of how & why Tommy Chong was sent to jail is both interesting & disturbing. A completely absurd charge for something he had nothing to do with, the government can find a way to send anyone they want to jail.

Colter H (de) wrote: one of the strangest things I've ever seen

Losang S (de) wrote: i'd see any movie w/keanu reeves in it ;)

Leigh R (au) wrote: Good enough to watch a second go.

Lowell B (fr) wrote: The anti-smoking campaign is really the only reason to watch this movie. great for a fan of cheesy obscure movies.

Alex Z (mx) wrote: Fun....but that's about it.

Matthew B (us) wrote: Apart from a brief cameo by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, this bodice-ripper viz. southern gothic/soft-core porn meltdown has little to offer an audience beyond the vale of puberty. Sherilyn Flynn and Richard Tyson offer little more than eye candy, and Burl Ives (growling like Big Daddy but looking a tad more like Sam the Snowman) and Louise Fletcher (light years away from her portent as Nurse Ratched) have little room for positive impact. Zalman King's directing (and Mark Plummer's photography) is actually quite aesthetically pleasing (when, of course, the microphone and various shadows of crewmembers do now scrawl across the screen); the screenplay by King and MacGregor Douglas however, is an atrocious potpourri of uninformed southern stereotypes, inexplicably trashy dialogue, and pimpled voyeurism. Almost too wretched to be mocked, this film begs for more than one goose quill dipped in venom!

Matthew H (de) wrote: Holy shit! Beastie Boys, Run DMC, LL Cool J and the fuckin' FAT BOYS. Hell yea!!!

Patil S (es) wrote: the LION of the desert......who fought for Libya's freedom

biplob p (nl) wrote: i love watching sean penn and he never fails to impress ... there has been some good acting here but few things didnt match up like art direction, sound, set and an overstressed plot