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  • Uploader:Leocuto
  • Country:Brazil, Uruguay
  • Director:Sebastián Bednarik
  • Writer:Sebastián Bednarik, Andrés Varela

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Mundialito torrent reviews

khhero (fr) wrote: Is there less than a half star?!

Ryan G (ru) wrote: At times is so Canadian its painful, if I wasn't such a fan of musicals I'd hate this movie

Patrick R (nl) wrote: The "acting" is so fakey, so hokey, it's embarrassing. I saw a screening a MOMA, and by 20 minutes into the film people were moving up the aisles to the exit. In the row in front of me, 3 people were sound asleep. Supposedly this guy has trouble articulating his thoughts, but his stammer is so forced... I could do it better than that. He is so obviously a capable guy who is trying to stammer, that you feel like you should give him some pointers. I couldn't take it after 30 minutes, and left. Critics say this is supposed to be a comedy, but I never heard so much as a titter from the audience. I myself didn't find anything even remotely amusing.

Bruce P (de) wrote: A great movie. Funny. Michael McMillian plays a strong lead as a HS student who thinks he wants to come out and then thinks he wants to be straight. A confused teen, delightful comedy.

Russ B (au) wrote: 12/13/2014: Not a bad little movie.

Ian F (ca) wrote: Every aspect of this movie was awful with the exception of one of the Olsen twins running around in a towel for a few minutes. Also, they are both ridiculously hot. 5 stars.

Private U (it) wrote: It reminded me of Pretty Woman but with a baby

Will the Thrill V (jp) wrote: Unduly obscure horror Beat noir, starring my friend Linda Lawson as a mysterious "mermaid" who haunts Dennis Hopper.

Jack S (ca) wrote: Officer- "Welcome to Rhode Island".This isn't your typical comedy. It might not be a laugh out loud movie, but I generates a few laughs and the performances ( especially Steve Carell) are top notch. Most of all, it has a punch of romance.

Mito G (it) wrote: this movies ok not bad not good just ok 3 stars