Munnariyippu (English: Warning) is a dramatic movie directed by noted cinematographer venu, after his critically acclaimed movie Daya(1998). The movie will feature Megastar Mammootty and Aparna Gopinath in the lead role.Story In Details:We can see Megastar Mammootty as a middle-aged simple man who is in jail for 20 years for a double homicide.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Munnariyippu 2014 full movies, Munnariyippu torrents movie

Raghavan is an ex-convict who is redeeming his life after his release from prison. He stumbles upon Anjali, a journalist who decides to write an autobiography on his life. The story progresses as Raghavan discloses his past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Munnariyippu torrent reviews

Tim S (ca) wrote: nobly quixotic but unfocused and horribly dull

keith w (jp) wrote: Pretty poor, so much potential

Rikard B (jp) wrote: N fan, ja okej man fr se lite naket men det hjlper inte ens det.Ngra roliga grejer givetvis eftersom det r en komedi men den blir aldrig bra i min vrld iallafall!Denna br man undvika!

Dave D (ru) wrote: This was a great movie. I caught it in Grand Rapids, and I walked away very impressed. From a "Christian" movie perspective, I thought it was light years ahead of Fireproof, etc. on production quality and acting. I hope people will support quality films like this.

Joseph J (it) wrote: Cynical, entertaining piffle, but so crammed with movie star royalty (not just Gosling and Clooney, but the latelamented Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti play significant roles) that it would be hard for it not to be entertaining. I wish Giamatti and Hoffman had squared off at some point, but they didn't.

Heidi D (fr) wrote: if they had negative stars this film would earn it. the worst hour and a half of my life (save Doogle) it unfolds slower than a soap opera.

Adam C (jp) wrote: it was pretty good but not amazing

Bradley K (us) wrote: The saucy performance by Rush is not to be missed. Although this film is at times difficult to watch, there is a very stimulating dialogue on censorship and pornography.

Andrew S (br) wrote: This movie should be happy that when I first praised it I was too young to know any better...

Sandra V (nl) wrote: Basically a forerunner of Casino Royale, only people didn't want to accept a grittier, more dour Bond back then.

Gregory M (us) wrote: A foolish film without likeable characters. Watching it now is even worse than watching it in 1972 when it first reared its ugly head. The language, ideas and silly dialogue date BAF mercilessly, making it more like a cartoon than a film with a message, which is what it''s supposed to be. Goldie Hawn plays a sexually liberated hippie type, and Edward Albert plays a stiff, repressed victim of his doting mom although he is eager to defy social norms in order to rankle her straitlaced persona. However, no one is free in real life, and acting like an airhead becomes annoying after five minutes. File this one in the trash.

Billy S (de) wrote: I love every thing about this movie. Some people don't get it but I watched it 4 times and laugh so hard every time. I think maybe I relate to the main character just a little too much lol