Murder at the Vanities

Murder at the Vanities

Shortly before the curtain goes up the first time at the latest performance of Earl Carroll's Vanities, someone is attempting to injure the leading lady Ann Ware, who wants to marry leading man Eric Lander. Stage manager in charge Jack Ellery calls in his friend, policeman Bill Murdock, to help him investigate. Bill thinks Jack if offering to let him see the show from an unusual view point, after he forgot to get him tickets for the performance, but then they find the corpse of a murdered women. Bill suspects Eric of the crime, especially, after the second female lead Rita Ross told him she saw the women leaving from Eric's room. Then Rita is shot onstage with Eric's gun. Jack and Bill decide not to stop the show, but Bill preparing to arrest Eric. Is he on the right track ?

A homicide detective with an eye for the ladies investigating a murder in Earl Carroll's Vanities allows the music review to continue during the investigation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack W (jp) wrote: A decent story but everything else was just average and after about half an hour I was bored. And the rest of the movie was boring too. I only watched this cause a friend recommended it but that's definitely gonna be the last time I as him for a movie recommendation. The movies tagline was "There's a reason we've never gone back to the moon" and yes there right, there is a reason, and that reason is NASA didn't have enough money anymore! Not worth a watch unless you enjoy boring movies.

Nicols R (it) wrote: The sequence in Dubai it is a masterpiece. Too bad the rest of the movie doesn't hold up with alot of exposition mumbo-jumbo, incredibely weak villain and predictable. Anyhow the action is amazing as the cinematography with generally good editing and compelling likable characters. Drawing all these points together Ghost Protocol is a very entertaining movie with edge of your seat action scenes but predictable with some heavy exposition scenes. It is a must watch for action junkies and movie fans although an average viewer might lose interest and see through the plot holes.

Bashir Y (kr) wrote: nice movie and great performance:)

Kenneth L (kr) wrote: Amusing cartoon full of jokes & gags.

emily h (de) wrote: brendan fehr <3 other then that it was arlight

Isaac H (it) wrote: its not a bad movie but its pretty grim and depressing.

Brad G (ru) wrote: "This Is All We Dreamed Of As Kids! Yes!" From the crazed Valkyrie Diamond Heist plot of the last film to the crazy Quantrill's Lost Treasure Plot of Enemy Gold, Andy Sidaris seems to enjoy butchering history along with his heaps of random T & A. Donna Speir & her regular cohorts are gone, replaced by Julie Strain's Bad Girl and Suzi Simpson's bear-phobic agent. Bruce Penhall is still around, but I miss the old gang. Still, Enemy Gold has all the awkward dialog to pass time in front of the late night boob tube. VF.

once againsickened by your faith (it) wrote: love this movie way more than the first

Ernie T (br) wrote: Funnier than most parodies of recent years. It still has a certain charm and innocence that while dated is still amusing. Ringo Starr leads a band of misfit cavemen as they try to survive in the harsh prehistoric world.

Kyle H (nl) wrote: It's more worthy of 2 1/2 stars, but this clunky-kitsch-filled-race rant is worth a watch, even if it really does feel like it's dragging a lot of the time. I gave it the extra half star bump because of Godfrey's annoying jackass of a character (in both skins)!

Jaws N (au) wrote: Even the American Pie audience agrees, this movie is terrible. That's really saying something, as I cannot comprehend how ANYONE could find this seventh film in the series enjoyable.

Buggy B (au) wrote: Everything about this movie is just so wrong, its not funny, mostly uncomfortable yet somehow it wasn't horrible. Not sure why this worked for me but it did -on a very basic level. Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear play conjoined twins Walt and Bob whose brotherly bond is tested when Bob decides to leave their idyllic hometown life and pursue a career in acting. 11.13