Murder, He Says

Murder, He Says

A pollster stumbles on a family of small-town killers.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1945
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ghost,   treasure,   farce,  

A pollster stumbles on a family of murderous hillbillies, and joins in their search for hidden treasure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (au) wrote: A Spanglish rom-com which looks more like a Hollywood one instead.

Jesse F (us) wrote: A complete atrocity of a film. Everything from the horrendous acting to the atrocious direction is just painful.

Paula R (jp) wrote: North Face is a Foreign movie, but definitely worth watching. It is based on the true story of German mountain climbers, who are determined to conquer the North face of the Eiger in the Alps during 1936. This is at a time when the Nazis are on the rise, and want to show their dominance. You definitely feel as if you are on the mountain with the climbers. It is a true drama, and gripping. I highly recommend this movie for the tension.

Movie M (es) wrote: "La Vie en Rose", titled after her signature song, depicts the life of French singer Edith Piaf (Cotillard). Raised as a child in many troubled places that ranged from brothels, to the streets, and to even travelling with circus acts, Edith had a rough start to her go at life. But she was also born blessed with a voice made to woo the entire country of Paris, and the world thereafter. She rose to culturally historical status because of this. Her rise though, was continually embattled by her controversial lifestyle filled with substance abuse and a long list of dubious characters she picked up along the way. . . In all, it really does come across like the sad ballad that usually goes with every tragic but talented musical artist we have ever loved. Cotillard hands down deserved the Oscar for her turn in this as she hit every note and registered every high and low that Edith probably went through. The film as a whole touched on all the points needed and was a fine biopic, albeit just a bit slow at times. I will personally attest to have not actually known who Edith Piaf was before going into the film, and it left me intrigued to know more by the time the credits rolled. Film Grade: A-Marion Cottilard's Performance Grade; A+

Cheryl R (nl) wrote: Different but not so bad I loved the actress!!

Collin R (us) wrote: doing a marathon of these... looks like I found quite the hilarious saga of movies

Jennifer S (es) wrote: Depressing as hell, but well acted I thought.

Bryan M (mx) wrote: The best performance of Warburton's career. A rare and amazing film that never got a DVD release. =(

Toby K (us) wrote: very underrated. spike lee tells one hell of a story about being an outcast not all will appreciate

Xavier J (fr) wrote: A very entertaining documentary which looks into the world of prostitution through the eyes of several pimps. Each of the men who call themselves pimps are all extremely charismatic and although not the most intellectual people, their street smarts are explored and displayed. Now this film does not aim to make you favor them but I felt it neither leaves a positive or negative impression about these men.

NaWie M (ag) wrote: Nice thriller if there is nothing else to watch.

Tracey T (ru) wrote: It was dubbed...badly. And there wasn't enough real plot to fill a thimble. The good points? The kills were bloody and the slasher did the old "show-off-all-my-handiwork-near-the-end" spiel, which always amuses. A watch for horror buffs, but I don't think I'd sit through it again.

Ben H (au) wrote: An almost interesting thriller with unnecessary twist.

John S (br) wrote: This was a mess! From acting to direction to story!

Jeffrey L (fr) wrote: Not much above an average chick flick, but pleasant enough.

Justin P (es) wrote: An interesting story with a few genuinely touching moments. It kept me interested throughout, in spite of it's obvious flaws. The script was often as shaky as the camera, however, which must have been an attempt to distract viewers from bad makeup, mediocre acting, and the fact that the lead characters are way too old to convincingly play their roles.

Jim A (ru) wrote: Wrestling movie what else did anyone expect. Some smart lines save it from being complete crap but it still has a moral hypocritical message against violence while the movie does nothing but revel in it. Not to mention the action is ruined by horrible shaky cam that make it near unwatchable

Tyler A (ru) wrote: classic 80s me movie